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Bridle Trail, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 1.75 miles
Trailhead Elevation 8,238 feet
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Accumulated Gain 180 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 1.5 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 2.65
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Utah/Arizona Strip Trek - May/June 2014
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This trail start either at the North Kaibab Trailhead or at the Parking area for the North Rim Visitor/Lodge area. There is a drinking fountain to the east of the trailhead if water is needed. The parking area at this end is small and during sometimes maybe full. Make sure you follow the parking signs so you won't be towed away. It is the final 1.75 miles after some of the people that do the Rim to Rim have to go before they have the relief of the accommodations at the North Rim.

The trail if you start at the Kaibab Trailhead starts to the west of the trail sign and immediately goes up in a steep straight up ramp like trail. You crest this area and then cross the road to the other side. Here is the housing for the people that work on the north rim during the summer months. Across the street a little ways up is the new fire station and buildings where they store and base the summer fire crew. You pass the Back Country Headquarters on the way. You follow along the road on the west side and about the 1 mile mark is the campground general store. Here if you have hiked from the other rim you can stop and get supplies. They have food and other supplies even cold drinks. There is a pay phone here and wifi on the porch of the lodge to phone whom ever you need to. The cell phone coverage as of this writing is spotty on the north rim. Continue down he path next to the road. There are picnic tables in a couple of spots along the way if you need a place to rest. You will need to cross to the other side of he road when you get to the hotel portion of the North Rim Lodge. There the trail follows along the parking lot with views of the Roaring Springs Canyon. It ends/starts there at the parking area.

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2009-05-23 Dschur
  • Grand Canyon Use Area Boundaries - Dynamic Map
WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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Bridle Trail
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This was cool!!

Jamie and I popped off around 9am, left the housing area via Transept trail, connected to Bridal Path to NK TH then hopped on the AZT to Widforss Trail...

Eventually cut off from the Widdy to a sweet break in the Kaibab, contoured Toroweap for a hot minute then summited Oza right as the clouds rolled in.

Very Hazey day! Lots of Rx burns in the Kaibab nf

Had a blast placing the Oza Butte register with Jamie, also buried a pinch of Dads ashes on the Oza saddle because the views were great!!

Found our exit route (different than our route in) through the Kaibab, lots of very steep scrambling through scrub oak and soft choss yummmmm!

Back to Widdy for a nice evening stroll home.

Why did I live on South Rim so long before coming over here!!? North is Best!
Bridle Trail
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Utah/Arizona Strip Trek - May/June 2014
Utah/Arizona Strip Trek – May/June 2014

Bryce Canyon NP (BRCA) & Zion (ZION) NP
Kodachrome Basin SP & Coral Pink Sands SP
Pipe Springs (PISP) NM & North Rim Grand Canyon (GRCA) NP

Utah/Arizona Strip Trek - Three National Parks, Two State Parks, One National Monument, Four Days, Three Nights, almost 1000 images, and 24 HAZ trails...

Prelude: Believe it or not but I’ve never been to Bryce Canyon or Zion. With 2 strikes already against me having previously attempted a trip in April (snowed out) and October (snowed out again), Lynn, the dogs and I made a late May attempt battling off strike three!

DAY 1 - Saturday May 31st
7.44 miles hiking and 390 AEG (39 floors) on FitBit
442 miles on F-150

With business visitors Friday evening, we couldn’t hit the road until early Saturday morning. Made good time and stopped for lunch at the Page AZ Burger King before crossing the Glen Canyon Dam into Utah :next: . Once in Utah, we passed some familiar sights in the Paria River Valley. Sad to hear the movie set from Clint Eastwood’s “The Outlaw - Josie Wales” was vandalized and burned to the ground :next: . Don’t know if I was one of the last to capture images before the set was burned to the ground :next: and

Eventually drove past Moqui Cave just north of Kanab UT :next: . I’ve always wondered if this was a structure incorporating original Anasazi ruins. A little online research says definitely not…

We turned off SR89 and onto Utah Scenic Highway 12 :next: . This was a treat for the first time (finally). Red Canyon gave us a hint of the “eye-candy” yet to come. Stopped at one of the pull-outs along SR12 and hiked the Red Canyon Loop :next: and a section of Golden Wall Trail :next: plus some connector trails (Red Canyon Tunnel Trail and Photographers Trail) :next: and ... orn-Trails

We eventually wandered into our “pet friendly” basecamp at the Best Western Ruby's Inn in Bryce Canyon City located just north of the park entrance :next: and ... hotos.html . This certainly was an international gathering of German, French, and Japanese tourist! After fixing a quick dinner at our basecamp hotel room, needed to stretch those legs around the Lake Loop :next: .

Sunday June 1st
10.71 miles and 780 AEG (78 floors) on FitBit
84 miles on F-150

Bryce Canyon NP :next: ... 14-web.pdf

Pets in Bryce Canyon NP :next:
"Pets are only permitted in campgrounds, parking lots, paved roads, paved viewpoint areas, and on the paved trail between Sunrise Point and Sunset Point"

We knew the limited hiking with dog options within the national parks before we left for Bryce and Zion. Undeterred, the Bryce “eye-candy” made up for any missed opportunities :next: . The Sunrise Point to Sunset Point Rim Trail :next: offered our first glimpse of the Amphitheater Region. Lynn and I then took turns minding the dogs up on top of the rim to give us each a chance to hike the Navajo and/or Queen’s Garden Loops. See :next: and .

Bryce Amphitheater Region map :next: ... er-web.pdf
Fairyland Point
Sunrise Point
Sunrise to Sunset Point paved connector trail is dog friendly Sunset Point Inspiration Point Bryce Point

Bryce Southern Scenic Drive viewpoint map :next: Swamp Canyon, Whiteman Bench, Natural Bridge, Agua Canyon, Ponderosa Canyon, Black Birch Canyon, Rainbow Point & Yovimpa Points

I had scouted up the Bristlecone Loop :next: that connects Rainbow Point and Yovimpa Points as a “photo op”. Unfortunately the trail was closed…

On the drive back from the southern reaches of Bryce Canyon, we stopped at Fairyland Point. Lynn and the dogs stayed at the rim top while I ventured down the Fairyland Loop Trail :next:

With the hour approaching 6pm and knowing we still had a couple of hours daylight left, we agreed to head the F-150 over to Kodachrome Basin SP :next: ... state-park located 7 miles off Highway 12 near Cannonville on Cottonwood Canyon Road :next: ... erview.png . I had previously viewed Kodachrome Basin from the south on an approach heading north up Cottonwood Canyon Road. On that occasion we had to abort our trip due to slick mud. This time I had an opportunity to view Kodachrome Basin from within the basin – nice! Pre-trip suggestions indicated Angels Palace or Shakespeare's Arch as highly recommended destinations :next: ... ochure.pdf and ... le-UT-5584 . Hiked Angel’s Palace Trail :next: followed by an aborted attempt of Shakespeare’s Arch :next: prior to a sundown picnic dinner at TH parking lot. Arrived back at Ruby's Inn basecamp to catch Hawks-Kings game and Game of Thrones...

Monday June 2nd
6.61 miles and 150 AEG (15 floors) on FitBit
245 miles on F-150

Zion NP :next:
1hr 44min drive per Google Maps from Ruby's Inn to Zion Lodge
Zion 2014 park map and guide :next: ... MG2014.pdf

Once again we knew the limited hiking with dog options within the national parks before we left for Bryce and Zion. Dogs are allowed on Pa'rus Trail :next:
Trail connects Canyon Junction and Zion Visitor Center. Prior to entering the 1.1 mile long Zion – Mt Carmel tunnel on SR9, it was recommended to us to make a stop at the Canyon Overlook Trail :next: ... -trail.htm and ... erlook.htm and Once near the Zion Visitor Center, I managed to grab the last available parking spot and we headed out along the Pa’rus trail as mid-morning temperatures hit the mid-80’s. With the scene reminding us too much of Sedona (the bad, not the good), we agreed to head up into the mountains and cooler climate along a back road I had scouted up as “Plan B”. Kolob Terrace Road was identified as an alternative since Zion Canyon can only be accessed by shuttle vehicles (no dogs allowed) :next: .
We had a pleasant lunch up at Lava Point :next: ... ground.htm and before checking out the West Rim TH :next: ... -trail.htm and Kolob Reservoir :next: ... 1154730183 and .

Tuesday June 3rd
8.25 miles and 500 AEG (50 floors) on FitBit
572 miles on F-150

“Getaway Home Day” via a natural curiosity, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park :next: ... state-park and ... alpink.jpg and and . We discovered colonies of rare Tiger Beetles (only 600-3000 total population of beetles) while hiking the dunes :next: ... ochure.pdf and were also treated to a fascinating display of late spring flowers while hiking the Nature Trail :next: . South Fork Indian Canyon Pictographs - Located 4 miles northeast of the dunes in the Mosquith Mountain Wilderness Study Area (WSA) :next: . From Hancock Road – Yellow Jacket Road intersection, drive 3.5 miles passing the Ponderosa Campground until you reach the intersection of Hancock Road and the 4WD Sand Spring Road on the right. A 4WD vehicle allows travel within .5 mile of the pictographs. If your vehicle will not make it on the soft sandy roads, walk from the "T" in Hancock Road and Sand Dune Spring Road. It is 4 miles, one way, to the pictographs. Take Sand Springs Route to first intersection. Then a little less than 2 miles the trail ends and hiking trail to pictographs and petroglyphs begins. From the parking area, walk northeast to locate a path of use through the sand. Continue the gradual descent down the obvious trail. The trail soon becomes obvious as it continues east and then switches direction after a small drop down through the rocks. Continue descending and then traversing the hillside beneath the cliff band on hikers left. Shortly you will arrive at the (chain-link fence protected) South Fork Indian Canyon Pictographs. The distance from the parking lot to the pictographs is about .5 mile and the descent is about 150'. The pictographs sit at the back of a large alcove and pictures must be taken from behind the fence 30' away :next: and ... ndex32.htm . This area is a unique hidden gem – highly recommended (and no HAZer has visited this place before?)!

Pipe Springs National Monument :next: and .

North Rim of Grand Canyon :next: and ... im-Map.pdf

Prior to our visit we knew about limited options hiking with dogs at the Grand Canyon North Rim; “Dogs on the North Rim; are not allowed other than the Bridle Trail (Greenway) that connects the lodge with the North Kaibab Trail and the portion of the Arizona Trail that continues north from there to the park entrance.”

Bridle Trail on HAZ :next:
Bright Angel Point Trail on HAZ :next:
Transept Trail on HAZ :next:

Made a stop at the Marble Canyon Navajo Bridge and found “condor city” :next: before stopping in Flagstaff for a late dinner. Arrived back home just before midnight…

7.44 miles, 390 AEG Saturday
10.71 miles, 780 AEG Sunday
6.61 miles, 150 AEG Monday
8.25 miles, 500 AEG Tuesday

TOTAL = 33.01 miles, 1820 AEG, 24 HAZ trails

141 images on iPhone
310 images on Canon Rebel XT
438 images on Canon 6D
61 images on Canon 7D

TOTAL = 950 images on 4 cameras...

442 miles driving Saturday
84 miles driving Sunday
245 miles driving Monday
572 miles driving Tuesday

TOTAL = 1343 miles on F-150 (20.8 mpg). Assuming $3.80 per gallon average, that’s 64.5 gallons consumed for a trip cost of $245.35…

EDITORIAL COMMENT; Coffee in Utah sucks. Maybe that’s too rash since I didn't stop and try the Cafe Adobe/Expresso Rock Shop in Hatch UT... Took a Starbucks “fix” in Flagstaff to return me to equilibrium!

That NPS annual pass comes thru again for $25 entry into Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon, plus $8 for Pipe Spring...

Aiming for Fall colour redux at Bryce Canyon Lodge the 1st week of October (looks like only Oct 4-6 or Oct 18-21 availability)? Cabin rentals are $212 per night plus multiple convenience fees and surcharges. Want to get some sunrise/sunset "golden hour" images...

PS - I see this trip tripped me over the 3K distance line for miles logged on HAZ :y:


Glen Canyon Dam :next:
Paria Movie Set :next:
Red Canyon Loop :next:
Golden Wall :next:
Ruby’s Inn Lake Loop :next:

Bryce Canyon NP Trails :next:
Sunrise Point to Sunset Point Rim Trail :next:
Navajo Loop :next:
Queen’s Garden Loop :next:
Bristlecone Loop :next:
Fairyland Loop Trail :next:
Angel’s Palace Trail :next:
Shakespeare Arch Trail :next:

Canyon Overlook Trail, Zion NP :next:
Pa’rus Trail :next:
Lava Point Overlook, Zion NP :next:
Kolob Reservoir Loop :next:

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park :next:
South Fork Indian Canyon Pictographs :next:
Pipe Springs NP Trails :next:
Bridle Trail, Grand Canyon North Rim :next:
Bright Angel Point Trail :next:
Transept Trail, Grand Canyon North Rim :next:
Navajo Bridge, Marble Canyon :next:

Sent from my iPad

Concentrated around Bryce Canyon NP and Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP
Bridle Trail
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
It was a rainy, cloudy day at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We had planned a backpack to Widforss Point and were looking forward to it even though it was our second choice (had wanted to do the short hop, skip, jump and camp at Cape Final but no permits were available). 7 or 8 folks were suppose to do the Old BA to Cottonwood for the nite but due to weather, they did N Kaibab to Cottonwood. We on the other hand, opted to stay close to the Lodge :) ; not such a bad choice.

We wandered over to the Bookstore where I was able to get yet another book on the GC. I love reading about the Canyon when I'm at the Canyon; it so adds to the allure. Next we walked over to the very crowded Lodge and decided to watch the Ranger Talk. I mean, what else can you do when it's raining and very cloudy? The ranger exclaimed that they were experiencing a highly unusual weather pattern for the Canyon this time of year.

After that I think we hung around the Sun Room and walked back and forth from side to side of the Lodge to capture the weather in photos. It really was something to observe. Clouds were rising from the BOTTOM of the canyon... not fog, but clouds :o . It was like the canyon was on fire and the smoke was bellowing up the canyons. Well this kind of back and forth activity made us hungry :lol: so we headed over to the Deli where we enjoyed pizza and yummy elk chili. The chili was expensive but the best meal we had up there (and that includes eating at the Lodge where I did not enjoy cold colorful string beans and dehydrated trout with chewy risotto :( ).

Then it was back to the Lodge as we kept hoping the weather would clear to get in some kind of hiking. Finally we saw a break, grabbed our umbrellas and water and headed up to the Bridle Trail. I walked it during lovely weather last year. Now it was very overcast. There were a few flowers and mushrooms and birds and tree formations to keep us entertained as we headed toward the campground. We hiked through the east side of the campground figuring we would run into the camp spots where the Transept Trail was.

Once on the Transept Trail, we once again enjoyed the view of the Canyon below us. We took a couple side trails I hadn't taken before so that was 8) . Looking over to the SW I said to Ambika it was getting grayer but the proper word was the clouds got darker and darker. We really paid it no mind at first and then pow, it started raining fast. I saw a tree up ahead and headed for that so that I could pull out my umbrella and put on my poncho. I took a few pics of the pounding rain... not sure why I didn't take video as I was under the umbrella.

Anyway, now it was going to be a dash to get back to the Lodge :wlift: . I was in my tennis shoes too. We dodged water puddles that soon became creeks. It seemed the Transept TRAIL was now running. We barely had room to stay out of the water as we criss-crossed our way down the trail. And the rain did NOT let up and continued to pound away. One particular area had a lot of water coming down from a little drainage so now it was a matter of leaping over it and still getting your feet a little wet.

I saw a short-cut up to the cabins where Ambika had a room so we hiked up that to her cabin. And now it was cold too. I ended up using her dryer to dry myself off a little; that felt pretty good. So now what... well back to the Lodge for a beer, and I had my book so I read a little while watching Mother Nature continue to put on a show:
Bridle Trail
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Just an easy walk on a day that turned out to be a little rainy. Before and after the walk I spent some time sitting on the porch of the General Store, connected to Wi-Fi and doing some work. Before you scold me for working on vacation, it should be noted that I was actually vacationing on a work day... ;)

The ice cream at the Deli was very tasty, and the conversation at Bright Angel Point (there was a group there listening to the creationist version of how the Grand Canyon came to be).

Lovely day to do very little :)
Bridle Trail
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
We woke up to rain and it stayed rainy most of the morning. Clyde had some additional tarps so we put those up. It's funny, I'm trying to remember what we did for lunch cuz as Bruce knows, that's almost more important than the trip report but alas I can't remember.

Anyway, we decided we wouldn't be doing any major hike today because of the weather being so tenuous. A couple of the guys decided they would walk up to the Lodge with us so we headed out the Bridle Path. It's a lovely walk really and it is slightly uphill as you get closer to the Lodge. Today we continued the route out to Bright Angel Point (you can never have too much of that) where we stayed for a short time. It was much more crowded today.

Next we headed back and instead of going up the hill to the lodge we continued on the lower tier. On this path is a stairway that takes you to a covered lookout that has these great picture windows. And finally, we headed up to the Deli so I could finally get my ice cream :D .

A couple of the guys stayed behind and we headed back to the campground via the Transept Trail. Once again, it's a nice jaunt along the rim. This time we saw a big beautiful snake. I took a bit of a movie and pics of it. We arrived back at camp and I'll be darned if I know what I did for the rest of the afternoon. Oh, now I remember... Wendy had brot a small book along on the Kolb Brothers so I read that and other GC material.

We had a dinner engagement at the Lodge later in the evening. I was disappointed in the food but the sunset was not bad.

Here is a short video of a chipmunk at Bright Angel Point, a snake up on the Transept Trail and a pretty bright sunset at the North Rim Lodge that evening:
Bridle Trail
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
The Transept is sort of the ultimate 'not-really-a-hiker's hike. For the folks who rented their El Monte RV to drive from North Dakota and see all of the National Parks of the west in a whirlwind 2 week adventure, the gentle walk between the campground (with toilets, showers, hot coffee and food) to the lodge (with toilets, showers, hot coffee and food) is the perfect way to justify their purchase of a 'I Hiked the Canyon' t-shirt and ball cap bonus-bundle. It has some pretty views of Transept Canyon, and provided you don't bail out at the first lodge turn out, connects right up to the Bright Angel Point trail and the views there. There's even a little interpretive spot with the remains of a prehistoric dwelling and a few well-placed benches.

It may sound from the paragraph above like I didn't like the hike. In truth, I enjoyed the walk more than I might have a stroll through my neighborhood and less than I might a scramble through some seldom-visited escarpment in the middle of pumpkin-head nowhere.

The Bridle Path back was even more pedestrian (for lack of a better word), and was one step down from a paved greenway. However, there were some cool construction features that were no doubt left over from its days as an actual bridle path. The pines were swaying in the breeze, the air was crisp and beautiful, and the company was marvelous. How can you go wrong?

All in all, a very nice trip to lunch and back - and I got a new Grand Canyon map out of the deal.
Bridle Trail
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
:DANCE: This was our second hike after coming back from the Widforss Interpretive Trail hike. I've wanted to do the trail since I was up here the last time. I have to say however, I guess I expected more.

Nonetheless we wandered from our camp spot to the general vicinity of camp spot 15 to find the TH. It's a nice little hike mostly on top of the rim, though you do have to go wide in one area. There are a couple places with a pretty good view before you hit the dip. There is a bench just before the corner and if you're not used to hiking and coming from the Lodge, this is an ideal spot to sit and enjoy the moment.

There is also a left over ruin up here, that was unexpected. As you get closer to the area just before the bridge, there is a fallen log that if you're brave enough, you can take a short cut. Wendy and I shivered at the thot. :scared: When you round the corner there is a small bridge that goes over a drainage and the remnants of some sort of pipe system.

Soon you arrive at the lookout with great views of the very deep Transept Canyon. It is a pretty canyon. Oza Butte is off to the west as well. We spent a few minutes here taking pics and in my case some video. It wasn't too crowded so we were lucky. We continued on toward Bright Angel Point. It was a very pleasant hike with not a lot of folks milling around. I enjoyed making my video with Wendy walking ahead. The views on either side of you really are so breath-taking; especially when you arrive at the Point :y: .

We stayed for a bit at Bright Angel Point looking down into the Canyon and beyond. But alas, it was lunch time, we had been hiking and the girl (that would me me) was HUNGRY. So we made our way up the big hill to the Lodge and to the deli where, as usual, my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I ordered 2 pieces of pizza which meant, no room for ice cream :cry: .

We checked out the gift and book stores. I found a little booklet on the Hermit Trail which I am supposed to tackle in November. And then it was back to camp via the Bridle Trail. This was a nice walk with a huge path for most of it and some excellent stone work along the way. You come out near the amphitheater and then it's just a matter of where is your camp space?

So now I don't have to wonder about the Transept Trail anymore and the Bridle Path makes a nice loop to traverse between the campground and the Lodge. It was a great first day at the North Rim. Quite a few of our group would come back to watch the sunset :) from the Lodge (I also got video of that).

The hike (Transept to BA Pt) and evening video coverage:
Oh, may I suggest you change the quality on youtube to HD1080. You can find that setting next to the minutes just below the video screen (or next to the clock icon)
Bridle Trail
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day one of my rim to rim to rim trip with michelle's uncle dennis.

we left williams early and caught the 5am shuttle from visitor center to south kaibab. it was pretty windy and chilly but clear. we scooted down to cedar ridge to catch the sunrise and it was already warming up and shaping up into a perfect day. i finally got to hike the length of the south kaibab trail after my fiasco there earlier this year...what a gorgeous trail this is. amazing views and wondrous colors the whole way. took the black bridge across to bright angel campground, then phantom ranch where we chilled for a bit.

next up was north kaibab trail. the stretch through the narrow canyon was just incredible. we ran into wally, denny and the eagle along the way, who encouraged us to check out ribbon falls along the way. we saw joe and dave just before the turnoff to the falls, who reiterated "go to the falls" we did. what a totally awesome and extremely worthwhile little side trip that was. we chilled at cottonwood for a bit before beginning the climb out. as we turned out of bright angel canyon and saw roaring springs we were pretty amazed. we also entered shade for most of the rest of the climb out. the upper stretches of north kaibab were frickin awesome too.

hit the trailhead then walked to the lodge for some brewskies and grub.

totally epic day in every way. dennis kicked butt the whole way and had a blast too :)
Bridle Trail
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Day 1 of a 2-day Rim to Rim to Rim started off leaving my house on Day 1 at midnight, meeting up with the guys from Phoenix to ride in the flying Focus. My 2nd R2R2R, though this one was a 2-day rather than a 4-day, so not as many extra side trips as before.

Started our trip from South to North by watching 30 elk hanging out near the Bright Angel trailhead on top. Then as we reached the South Kiabab trailhead we saw a dozen mule deer. Amazing with all the crowds of people that they hang around in such numbers. Started down the hole at 6:35am, and made it to the junction at North Kiabab at 9:10am.

Lunch at Ribbon Falls was spectacular as you would expect. On the way out I even found patches of spearmint growing down there. Had delightful weather all along, except during the last mile and a half up beyond Supai Tunnel. It started raining. Thankfully I didn't pack so light that I didn't leave my umbrella behind, it was priceless! It started easing off again until after we took the Bridle Trail to the lodge on the North Rim, then plenty of lightning and rain.
Bridle Trail
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The Day finally arrived... It seems like Denny has had this in the planning stages for ever.

My First Rim to Rim, and why not attempt to follow up a Rim to Rim, with another the following day... That trip report later.

After a 2am start from the North Valley and a little confusion with the shuttle buses, we were on our way down the South Kaibab Trail at 6:31. The morning sun lit up the canyon casting cool shadows down below. I was in awe of the switchbacks toward the top of this trail and glad I was going down. The rains from the day before kept any possible dust down for the entire hike.

We hit the river in under 2-1/2 hours, Phantom Ranch 15 minutes later, and our Lunch Destination, Ribbon Falls, just before noon.

The climb from the Colorado until NW turn into Roaring Springs Canyon seems pretty gradual. You only gain about 2600' in elevation over that 11 mile stretch. After that it's noticeably steeper gaining 3,300' in elevation on the 5 miles to the rim.

I loved this entire trail, with area from Phantom Ranch, to, and including Ribbon falls very memorable.

Thanks all for making this a special section of the AZ Trail. A huge :thanx: to DENNY for setting this whole thing up, being persistent enough to get us a Cabin on the North Rim : app : , and Driving!!! :wlift:

32 Passages Completed
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597 Miles Completed
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Map Drive
Paved - Car Okay

To North Kaibab Trailhead
The North Kaibab trailhead is located 41 miles south of Jacob Lake on Highway 67 (1.5 miles north of Grand Canyon Lodge). A small parking area offers limited parking. Transportation is available from the Grand Canyon Lodge (twice each morning; check at the lodge for times and fares) or, for those staying at North Rim Campground, it is a half-mile walk to the trailhead. Hikers on a rim-to-rim hike and who have only one vehicle often use the private Trans-Canyon Shuttle (928-638-2820), which provides service between the North Rim (departs around 6 a.m.) and the South Rim (departs around 1 p.m.) daily from May 15 to October 15. North Rim park facilities (lodge, store, gas station) close on October 15, but Highway 67 remains open to vehicle traffic until winter conditions preclude access. Visitors should be prepared for road closure anytime after October 15, but often Highway 67 remains open into November. Once closed Highway 67 remains so until May 15. It is not possible to reach the trailhead by vehicle before May 15.

Bright Angel Point Trailhead: This trailhead is somewhere around the Grand Canyon Lodge. Trail takes off southward. HAZ needs more information on the exact location. Looks like the a spur trail goes around the cabins to the parking lot too.

Transept Trailhead: North Rim Campground near the General Store

From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) 354 mi - about 6 hours 25 mins
From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 459 mi - about 7 hours 55 mins
From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 208 mi - about 4 hours 18 mins
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