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Hamburg Trail #122, AZ

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Carr Peak - Comfort Springs Loop
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Comfort Spring Carr Peak Loop
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Ramsey Canyon Preserve
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Carr Peak - Comfort Springs Loop
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Carr Peak - Comfort Springs Loop
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Many people refer to this as the Ramsey Canyon Trail. It starts at the parking lot of the Nature Conservancy's Ramsey Canyon Preserve, which is famous around the world for its fabulous birdwatching. You'll have to obtain a free permit to cross the Preserve (available at the visitor center at the trailhead) and, if you're coming on a weekend or holiday, you'll want to call in advance to reserve a spot in their parking lot. The only parking in this canyon is at the Preserve, where spaces are extremely limited and in very high demand. Once you've taken care of your vehicle and have your hiking permit, you're ready to head up-canyon. About the first mile of the trail is on Nature Conservancy property, where you'll no doubt have a lot of birdwatchers for company. You might want to join them, at least for a while, as this canyon boasts one of the most diverse bird populations in the U. S. At the upper limit of the Preserve, some steep switchbacks take you into the Coronado National Forest and the Miller Peak Wilderness. Your reward for climbing this far is a good overlook of lower Ramsey Canyon and the San Pedro Valley. Above the switchbacks, the trail drops back down to the creek and follows it through a riparian zone as lush and as pleasant as any you will find in the Southwest. Hundreds of small waterfalls and rocky cascades tumble past gnarly sycamores and lacy-limbed firs to add to the picturesque nature of this outstanding area. The trail crosses the stream more times than you'll want to count as you climb toward the upper elevations of the Huachucas. (This can cause problems if the water level is high.) Farther along, you'll pass the remains of old mining digs and leveled homesites that once were occupied by the cabins of the old mining settlement of Hamburg. The trail then follows Wisconsin Canyon to good views, broader horizons and a junction with the Crest Trail #103 at Bear Saddle.

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This is a moderately difficult hike.

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Hamburg Trail #122
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Sky Islands Summit Challenge
This was a hiking event organized by the City of Sierra Vista. Participants in this event had 3 options: hike to Carr Peak only; hike to Miller Peak and Carr Peak; or hike to Pat Scott Peak, Carr Peak, and Miller Peak. Miller Peak(9,466'), Carr Peak(9,220'), and Pat Scott Peak(8,700') are the 1st, 2nd, and 4th highest peaks, respectively, in the Huachuca Mountains. I naturally opted to hike to all 3 peaks.

This was a neat event, and at 19.6 miles and an AEG of 5,800', the hike was a buttkicker, at least for me. The hike started at the Ramsey Canyon Conservancy; went up the Hamburg Trail; then to the Pat Scott Canyon Trail; then off-trail to the summit of Pat Scott Peak; then on the Crest Trail to the Carr Peak trail to the Carr Peak spur trail which went to the summit of Carr Peak; then back to the Crest Trail to Bathtub Spring, and the route continued on the Crest Trail to the Miller Peak spur trail which went to the summit of Miller Peak; then back to Bathtub Spring, from which we went down the Miller Canyon Trail to the Miller Canyon TH, which completed the hike.

There were nice 360 degree views from the top of each of the 3 peaks.
Hamburg Trail #122
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Claire and I decided to head south for Memorial Weekend and went to check out the Huachucas. We were out here with the group back in August and really enjoyed the hiking and wanted to return. The long holiday weekend looked like the perfect time to return.

We left Phoenix on Saturday morning around 7am and made the long drive down. I thought it would take under three hours but I was wrong. We pulled into the Nature Conservancy and hit the trail a little after 10:30am. We headed up the Hamburg Trail and passed a lot of people enjoying the lower portion of Ramsey Canyon. We continued on as the trail climbs and climbs. It’s a lot of work. We eventually hit the junction with Pat Scott and started heading up. I was keeping a close eye on the time. The Nature Conservancy closes at 5pm and they said the gates would be promptly locked right then. I didn’t want to be late on the return.

We continued up the Pat Scott Trail and passed the old cabin as we headed up. This trail climbs and climbs as we headed for the Crest Trail. About a mile up I was ahead of Claire and came around a bend and stopped dead in my tracks as I see a large bear about 20 ft ahead. It was foraging near the stream and looked up at me and made eye contact. I stared back for a brief moment and then backed up around the bend. It was way too close for comfort! I told Claire about the bear and we both made a lot of noise. After a minute or two we slowly continued up and didn’t see the bear again. However I did notice the trail had water all over it. It was my guess the bear headed up the trail. We went a little farther and decided to turn around due to time constraints.

On our way down we stopped at the junction with Wisconsin Canyon and took our lunch. From there we continued down and took a short detour along the creek where we saw a Coatimundi up close. We took a variety of pics and then returned to the main trail. The last mile down flew by and we were back to the jeep around 3:30pm.

This was a really nice hike and seeing the bear up close was a rush. I wish I got a pic but was too caught up in the moment to reach for my phone. Ramsey Canyon is beautiful and the hiking is nice albeit lots of climbing. We were off to a nice start and planned on hitting Miller Peak the next day.
Hamburg Trail #122
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Hamburg Brown Loop
Took a daytrip down to the Huachucas. This range never fails to surprise me, and keeps calling me back.

I spent a few minutes loitering with the others and then decided to explore a few areas I hadn't previously been. Managed to knock out the remaining portion of Hamburg that I hadn't done before, connected over on Brown Canyon, and cut back on Brown Spring. I'll have to come back and check out the mine and get up to the fort boundary on the ridge.

Colors were nice in the canyons, and water was flowing.

Note about the Brown Canyon Trail ... the old trail cut as marked on topo maps (and the hikebot route here) is no longer active. A newer cut heads down the Brown Canyon drainage more directly starting at the 6020 contour and ending at the Wilderness Boundary at Brown Spring. It's a very well-built and maintained trail with nice switchbacks and used regularly. Irrigation piping is found the length of the trail connecting several different enclosed and locked small spring structures that divert the water for ranch use downstream.

I investigated the old trail cut, which is reasonably visible, but is overgrown and hasn't been used in years. There were branches placed very deliberately in the old tread every few feet for the first 300 yards of the old trail. While I assume this old cut was decommissioned by the forest service, it was abundantly clear that somebody was making an effort to prevent travel on this old route, and not knowing what might be ahead of me, I stuck with my gut and turned around. (Backpacks and trash are fine, but I'd rather not meet their owners if I have the option not to).

The turkeys were out in full force, and I encountered three different rafters of over a dozen each. Apparently there aren't enough predators here. I saw a handful of deer, including one that was so carefree I think it would have eaten out of my hand. We did see a nice grey fox on the drive out. Not sure it's big enough to take down a turkey though.

Canyons at peak
Hamburg Trail #122
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After Saturday's big day, there were several options for Sunday. A handful of us decided on Ramsey. Karl and I got started around 7:30, while Belinda and some of the Tucson crew took a more leisurely morning and headed out a little after us.

The first 2.5 miles down Comfort Springs to the Wisconsin/Hamburg/Pat Scott junction breezed by in about an hour and was mostly shaded. Rain the day before assured wet grass and subsequently wet feet. Gaiters and waterproof boots would have prevented that.

Next was the 1800 foot ascent of Pat Scott in just over 2 miles that took almost an hour and a half. I really like the Pat Scott trail. The creek was flowing most of the way, and the switchbacks at the top are beautifully constructed at a nice grade. I saw a deer as I reached the crest -- impressive since bow season opened on Friday. After a short break, we headed across the crest toward Huachuca Gate #2. Along the way we took the short side trip to Pat Scott Peak where there was inexplicably a register full of SAHC names. This "peak" has a prominence of approximately the length of my forearm. Not sure how this is a destination worthy of a register. :-k

(In fact, I believe that Randy says it's not really Pat Scott Peak at all ... the topo maps have it mismarked, while the true Pat Scott Peak is the 8,715 foot peak .35miles SSE of this one. Randy's name was in this register. We didn't add ours as all the pages are full. Maybe I need to visit the other one sometime?)

A short distance later we arrived at Huachuca Gate #2. There's no gate. The barbed wire fence is frequently broken, and there is no indication that you are entering a military base. :scared:

We chose to follow a route generally along the ridgeline, which is where the fence goes. Interestingly, the Fort Huachuca boundary as marked on the map is not where the fence is. Either way, we decided to take a wide traverse around the north side of the first peak along the ridge, saving a few feet of gain. The views down Scheelite onto the base were great! Once beyond the first peak, the vegetation thickened but there was a use path that was pretty easy to follow.

Farther up, the ridge follows a sort of knife edge, with a sheer drop to the South into Pat Scott Canyon. The vegetation made it impossible to stay on the edge. The best route was below the ridge on the left in the forested canopy below. There were signs of use, but no real defined path.

At the 500 foot audible Route Scout announcement, the first rain drop fell. It had been sunny up until now, with some clouds beginning to build over the peaks to the south. Upon reaching the peak it started to rain. Hard. The vegetation is very thick and overgrown up here. There's no real route. I found a glass jar with the register, but didn't take the time to read any names or sign it. Then it started to hail. This was a repeat of yesterday on Miller where it rained and hailed for about an hour before clearing up.

I didn't think the register was at the true summit so I pushed a bit farther. I passed a solar panel and an attached relay antenna. Military or cartel? :-k The crap got too thick. Everything was wet and it was raining harder. I had to get the rest of my rain gear on. Karl and I were disappointed we would not get to sit on the peak and enjoy our summit brew. That's when the first clap of thunder hit. tarzan swing. Yesterday had been thunder-free. We were not where we wanted to be. Huddled under a tree sheltering from hail just a few feet below a ridge and a prominent 8700 foot peak. :scared:

The trip back was miserable. It rained and hailed. Lightning flashed and thunder clapped. We abandoned the ridge and traversed the steep slope on the north side. It was hard work. But we just kept moving with the goal of finally dropping into the lower elevations of Pat Scott Canyon just two miles ahead. Upon reaching the Crest Trail we contemplated staying in the lower terrain and cutting the corner and dropping into Pat Scott off trail. A short excursion in that direction seemed promising at first but turned ugly. The flash-bang rain and hail continued. We actually decided to head back up to the crest. With less than a mile to go we figured it was the best bad option we had.

Finally off the crest and dropping quickly into Pat Scott, we felt a little better about things, but the thunder and lightning continued. Just when it seemed to be moving away, it would start somewhere new. We just plowed on. The water flow in Pat Scott was up. Crossings that were dry on our way up were running now. Layers of white hail remained in sheltered spots.

Normally the 600 foot climb up Comfort Springs is a killer at the end of the day. I was looking forward to it. The climb would help me warm up again. Somewhere along the climb it stopped raining. For the first time in 2 hours. Thunder still rumbled around us. We finally trudged back into camp, much to the relief of those waiting for us to return. They had been far enough behind to turn around before reaching the crest when the storm hit.

About 15 minutes later, the sky opened up again. I was glad to be in camp this time. :GB:

Great hike. I love the Huachucas. There's so much more here I want to explore. But I might puss out next time if there's even a chance of a thunderstorm in the forecast. :M2C:

Pretty nice up on the crest and the military boundary above Scheelite.
Hamburg Trail #122
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A group of us headed out to the Huachucas for a nice weekend of car camping and hiking. We started with Carr Peak. The trail makes a solid climb that takes some effort. It was a hot and sunny day with a chance of rain later in the day. The trail eventually levels off and you make the final push to the summit. Once up top our group took a break and enjoyed the views overlooking Sierra Vista. After we had our fill we headed for Miller Peak. Along the way rain & hail started falling. Claire didn’t have a rain coat so I stayed back with her. We decided to turn around and head back but opted for a loop hike returning down Wisconsin Canyon and the Comfort Spring Trail. At some point it stopped raining and the rest of the hike was very enjoyable. The Huachucas are fantastic! The trails are in good condition and the views are wonderful!
Hamburg Trail #122
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Carr Miller Comfort
There was to be some gathering of Tucson hikers in the majestic Huachuca Mountains, and I felt that some representation from the northerly neighbors was in order, so I invited myself along! :y:

We arrived Friday night in order to acclimate for the big day ahead! Saturday morning we split into multiple hiking groups so as to limit impact in the Miller Peak Wilderness, but we all headed up to Carr Peak to start the day. From there different groups went different directions.

Karl and Dallin and I took the crest trail over to Miller Peak. Along the way it started to rain and hail, but there was no thunder or lightning so we happily pressed on. Bknorby, justmike, MrBadBern, My Joseph, Floridasunshine, gloope, and a few non-hazzers followed and arrived just as we were starting our trip back to the north, and Karl decided to hike with them for a bit.

The rain let up so Dallin and I decided to continue on the Crest trail around to Hamburg. This was a new trail for me. It's steep but takes you quickly down in a nicely shaded canyon to where there's running water.

The climb up Comfort Springs trail is a grind at the end of a big day like this, and I made some kind of mistake reading the map and thought it was only a 200 foot climb. It's 3x more than that, so I was a bit irritated! We caught up to 9L and Clairebear before reaching Comfort Springs, and Karl wasn't far behind us. Once back at camp, we met up with the others who had returned via the Carr trail.

An evening of laughter, good food, and better company followed! Thanks to bknorby for planning and letting me crash your party! :app:

Not as nice as last year, but tough not to say it's still substantial.
Hamburg Trail #122
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This was my first time to this nice little wilderness area and mountain range and I really enjoyed it. I came down on an invite to join several HAZers from Tucson and Phoenix for some hiking, camping and good times. I was not sure what to expect in terms of hiking, but I had heard good things about Carr, Miller and the wildflowers. The Comfort Springs Loop seemed to be the large group's consent pick, so I also decided to make it my destination for Saturday.

The hike up Carr is not to bad and the trail is in great shape for the most part. There is a little over-growth along the edges, but I imagine that thins out when the hiking season arrives. The views of Sierra Vista and the surrounding countryside were great, but the trail is a little bland at first, however, it gets nicer with a little stretch through some Aspen and then again as you near the peak and get out of the manzanita and scrub Once you near the peak you get some nice views of Miller, sections of the Crest Trail and some pines and wildflowers start to appear in more abundance. The spur up to the peak is a little steep at first, but it calms down quickly enough and then takes you up to the peak along a pretty scenic little ridgeline. We spent a long time on the peak and then planned the rest of our day. I opted for a return without Miller via the Crest Trail and Hamburg, while everyone else but Kyle headed for Miller.

The Crest Trail offered perhaps some of the best views of the day and the hike down Hamburg was very nice. There was ample water along this section of the hike and overall the canyon was pretty scenic. The final two miles involved a few short climbs and the entering and exiting of a couple of drainages, but nothing too overwhelming. The trough at Comfort Springs was pumping out nice clear cold water, which the dogs appreciated and being in no rush we took an extended break there, shortly after we were connecting our loop back at the trailhead and camp.

Another great Tucson area hike. The ranges in and around Tuscon have yet to disappoint me and this one was no exception. I am usually not a fan of crowds and campgrounds, but this was a fun weekend with some cool like minded outdoor enthusiasts and I am excited to come back to this area for some backpacking when the warm temperatures break.
Hamburg Trail #122
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A Sky Island hike was way overdue, so it was hard to resist when I got invited to spend a day hiking the Huachucas!

When I first visited this range earlier this year (March), it was very brown and cold. The views were great then, but they are so much better during the summer when everything is green and the tops are covered with wild flowers.

I had very high expectations for wild flowers looking at some of the previous trip logs. This year doesn't seem to be as substantial as previous years, but it wasn't a deal breaker. Just before Bathtub Spring is where a substantial amount of flowers can be found right now. Everywhere else is mild to moderate. In my opinion, what makes this hike is the outstanding views you get in every direction due to the prominence/isolation of the Huachucas.

Between Bathtub Spring and Miller Peak, I picked my first ever wild raspberries after Chumley pointed them out to me. Across the connecting ridgeline we dealt with a little bit of rain and hail. No lightning though, so we were able to make it to the summit where the storm let up.

By this time the group had split up into separate smaller groups. After the summit me and Chumley headed along Crest Trail for Hamburg and Comfort Springs. Comfort Springs has a few places with deadfall, but both are otherwise in great condition. Lots of water in Wisconsin Canyon.

I enjoyed this loop a lot and foresee coming back again, next time maybe during the Fall season to see what the colors are like. Great to get acquainted and hike with some more HAZ folks too!

Best spot right now is just before Bathtub Spring on the Carr Peak Trail.
Hamburg Trail #122
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Huachuca Autumn II
Day 3 of my Fall Foliage Tour in Southeastern Arizona...

Met up with a Photographer Friend and we Hiked up Miller Canyon Trail a little Ways checking to see what the Status of the Canyon was for Maples. We found a little Color, but it was Scarce and what there was, the Foliage was being Eaten by something and looked bad....We spent a couple of Hours in there and then Hiked out. And for anyone that's Interested, the Miller Canyon Trail Official GPS Route no longer Matches what the Trail actually does and there are more Trails branching off of that one that don't seem to be on HAZ....Just an FYI.... :)

By then, the Sun was up fairly High and although we wanted to hit Ramsey, we wanted to wait for the better Afternoon Light before we went, so we chilled around Camp for awhile. I took a small Hike along the Creek where we were Camped in Miller and then Relaxed for a bit. I Posted a few of those Photos in my "Camping" Triplog/Photoset.

Hit Ramsey, but we got there later than we had planned and didn't realize that the Conservancy "closed" so early... 4:00 was pretty Early and the Light was Perfect right about that Time. We left, but decided to go back in the Morning for more Soft Light as the Colors in there were very Nice, although a lot of Maples were still Green in large Areas. I included the following Morning's Shoot of Ramsey in this Photoset as well.... :)

Another Nice Autumn Day in the Huachucas.... :)
Hamburg Trail #122
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Day 7 of our 8-day SE AZ road trip. Today was to be our last big hike. The Ramsey Canyon B&B had played host to us the previous night and would again tonight. Located right next to the Preserve, it was the optimum base for enjoying Ramsey Canyon. After a great breakfast, we shouldered our packs and walked over to the Preserve.

Seems we were lucky in our timing. First Saturdays are free admission at the Preserve. They were also having a guided nature walk. Might be a good idea. But when we discovered it was 2 hours and covered a half mile, we opted out. Would have loved to hear all the good info, but we wanted miles.

The creek was flowing nicely which gave us that wonderful mountain stream background sound off and on all day. Some random clouds were moving quickly across the peaks and saddles above us and providing nice shade in the few open places on the trail. Combined with ample tree cover from the sycamores, spruce, pine, oaks, junipers and madrones. The conditions were perfect for a good hike.

Did the little side loops off the mail trail in the Preserve checking out all the abandoned buildings left over from the long history of people enjoying this canyon. Some birders were out along the trail, but fewer than usual according to the B&B owner. We tried to be quiet and not intrude. Hit the first real incline and topped out at the overlook. There's some interesting geology on display across the canyon.

Dropped back down to the creek and it was really flowing nicely. Even found a very nice bubbling spring off to the south of the creek. There were still areas of bright wildflowers and a hint here and there of Fall color to come.

Veered off on Pat Scott to check out the old mine and equipment. Looks like they even had a small stamp mill here for crushing the ore. We weren't convinced we wanted to do the whole loop, so after a bit we turned back.

At the lower end Pat Scott we didn't really want to start back down, so we went further up Hamburg. After a bit we took stock of our time and energy remaining. We were only .68 (straight line) below Bear Saddle. MJ wanted to go to the top and I didn't see any reason why not, so up we went. Hamburg is steep in this area, so we were huffing and puffing when we met three hikers coming down, (now I think it was knnorby's group). They told us they'd seen a large black bear over on Pat Scott earlier. The bear was totally nonaggressive. Damn we should have gone on up. However, the news put MJ on high alert. A LARGE pile of scat in the trail didn't help her much. But we pressed.

The wind at the saddle was really howling. A 100 feet on the trail below the saddle was nearly calm. MJ held onto her hat while doing a Chevy Chase looking into the Grand Canyon imitation and headed back down. I took some photos and enjoyed the view for a few moments more and followed her down. We snacked sitting a convenient rock with big grins on our faces.

The trip down was uneventful, much easier, and just a beautiful. As we got close to the trailhead there were lots of people taking afternoon hikes. Certainly was a great day for it.

Back at the B&B there was a fresh cherry pie set out. The Ramsey Canyon B&B is known for their daily pies. Tough decision ahead -- post hike beer and then pie or pie then beer??? Why is life so difficult? (Decision was tiny slice of pie, beer, then larger slice of pie. A perfect solution is not always available, but when it is just go for it.)

I like Ramsey. We will be back for more.

Permit $$
Nature Conservancy $6 per person, children under 16 - FREE.

Coronado Forest
MVUMs are rarely necessary to review unless mentioned in the description or directions
Coronado Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs)

Map Drive

To Ramsey Trailhead
Drive 6 miles south of Sierra Vista on AZ Highway 92 to Ramsey Canyon Road. Turn right and follow Ramsey Canyon Road 3.5 miles to the Nature Conservancy's Ramsey Canyon Preserve parking area and trailhead. Parking reservations are required for weekend and holiday visits. Weekday parking is on a space available basis.

If you have an extra few minutes, on the way home you may wish to turn W on HWY 82 from HWY 90 to Sonoita and then drive N on HWY 83 back to I-10. This is a lovely drive or motorcycle ride through SoAZ wine country with elements of Big Sky Country and Tuscany permeating the landscape.

27 E. Ramsey Canyon Road
Hereford, AZ 85615

Spring/Summer (March 1 through October 31): 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Fall/Winter (November 1 through February 28): 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Closed Tuesdays/Wednesdays
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's

Preserve parking is limited to 27 spaces. These spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no parking along the road below the preserve.

The preserve headquarters include visitor parking, a nature center with a bookstore and hummingbird viewing. Here, visitors may learn about the preserve and its wild residents, the Upper San Pedro River Program, and the Conservancy by viewing interpretive exhibits, shopping in the bookstore, or simply enjoying the beauty of the lower canyon.

Please note, in consideration of canyon wildlife, pets are prohibited in the preserve.

From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) 197 mi, 3 hours 4 mins
From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 87.8 mi, 1 hour 33 mins
From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 340 mi, 5 hours 12 mins
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