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Mt Baldy Crossover Trail, AZ

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Distance One Way 3.17 miles
Trailhead Elevation 9,400 feet
Elevation Gain 204 feet
Accumulated Gain 484 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 4.78
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54  2019-08-29
East Baldy Trail #95 to Hoodoo Overlook
6  2019-06-27
Mount Baldy Loop
5  2019-06-04
West Baldy Trail #94
22  2018-06-02
Mount Baldy Loop
10  2018-05-12
Mount Baldy Loop
8  2017-06-11
Mount Baldy Loop
9  2017-06-11
Mount Baldy Loop
10  2016-08-05
Mount Baldy Loop
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    Mt Baldy Crossover Trail
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    I'd been wanting to get out this way, so this trip was well timed. I drove in from Payson on Saturday night, camped at the CG next to the TH and met Linda the next a.m. She revealed a broken toe right before we set off. We went up East Baldy first. I always enjoy these spruce'd up forests. Everything was green and water was flowing from every drainage. The tread is beautiful and the grades are friendly. We saw what appeared to be recent trail work, dead fall was very minimal. The ridge over to the summit was nice. A few small snow patches provide moral support. We tucked away behind some rocks for a nutrition break / rest period. Heading down West Baldy we encountered some dead fall almost immediately. Far more than what was on East Baldy, but nothing worth griping about. The scenery along West Baldy was superb. Coming out of dense forest into open meadows provides a neat contrast. The many shades of green and a peaceful West Fork LCR winding through the countryside is hard to take your eyes off of. Great day in the mountains with some nice weather.

    Tons of Iris blooms..
    Mt Baldy Crossover Trail
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    Spent a nice couple of nights in the White Mountains with my bud Steve . . .

    We left the East Baldy Trail trailhead parking lot at about noon in the soaking rain . . . time to try that parka for the first time! Didn't know it rained in Arizona . . . :scared:

    day 1
    Got breakfast at Baker's Ponderosa Cafe in Heber. Ber-y nice. Hiked through the crossover trail and stopped for lunch in that nice little meadow at the junction of the crossover trail and the West Baldy. Steve never misses a chance to stick his face in the creek :lol: What a pristine hike! Really enjoyed the crossover. Then we hiked to the last crossing of the West Baldy trail and the Little Colorado river (as adenium mentioned in his last post). Found a nice fire ring. Too bad we couldn't start a fire to save our lives!!!! Good thing we didn't need one to save our lives--the temperature didn't dip below 49 or so. Not the most comfortable dinner I've ever had--but bearable.

    day 2
    We hiked up the West Baldy trail on this fine Saturday morning. We got our asses out as early as we could manage (7:30am . . . impressed?), and were passed by a couple through hikers. We were trying to follow the advice to not be on Mount Baldy after 11am, but some of the hikers on the trail called bullhonky on that. They didn't seem to think the lightning was that b of a d? Oh well. We huffed it to white man's summit (~11,200ft yahear?), and there wasn't a sign there telling the imperialists to stay back . . . ? Seemed like Steve and I were the only ones hiking the mountain that day that didn't risk a day in Indian jail. Oh well--my pride remains intact. Hiked down to the meadow-y area just shy of 2 miles from the East Baldy trailhead and spent a very enjoyable afternoon chillin. Later on in the evening, we got to chillin a little more literally. Couldn't start a dang fire there either!!! Extremely frustrating. I've heard steel wool suggested. I'ma gonna need something. Shivered our way through watching Patriot Games on my iPhone screen :)

    day 3
    Hiked out. Ate lunch at The House in Show Low. Wow! very nice

    It was a great weekend trip--only had to hop a few felled trees. It's God's country up there . . . enough to make a man consider Bonanza a template.
    Mt Baldy Crossover Trail
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    An Oh Dark thirty start to the day to get to Mt Baldy and beginning hiking by 8am.
    Wally was on a mission to make us $5,000 richer apiece, but no luck.

    It felt good to be chilly at the start and having to put on a long sleeve shirt. The winds blew hard most of the day, subsiding in the late afternoon.

    We started from the East TH, hiking Clockwise.

    It’s pretty much a steady climb up to the Baldy Peak. On the way we stopped at a couple of cool overlooks at miles 2.75 and 5.6. Next we explored the remains of the B-24 crash from Sept 11 1942 at mile 6.8. At the site, Denny and I saw the largest Grouse I have ever seen.

    There were a just three people we saw at the white Man’s Peak, and 3 more at the true Baldy Peak. We could see two fires that were burning. One to the WSW and the other to the SSW. It was real windy up top.

    Now on the West trail going down, we ran into Azbackpacker (Liz) long with her group of “Middle Aged” White Mountain Hiking Gals. We chatted a bit and then carried on our way. The West Fork of the Little Colorado River is a pretty one. We passed a few groups that were fly fishing with no luck. Some primo camping sites abound here.

    The Crossover trail had been talked down to all day, so I had low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the 3.5 miles went and how pleasant it was.

    My only complaint on today's loop, is that the Talcum powder type dirt made it tough to breathe in spots.

    Plenty of filterable water in both West and East Fork of the Little Colorado Rivers.
    Also notice an unnamed spring/Seep at the B24 crash site that could be used.

    Great to hike w/ Wally and the other two misfits again.
    Thanks for driving Turtle!

    I’m sticking with Chaz, and Denny is right about Dave1 .

    Video Shmideo
    Mt Baldy Crossover Trail
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Denny set up this fun summer classic. The long drive for the cooler temps is worthy. Temps maxed out at 74 for a few minutes around 2:45pm. Otherwise typically 70 or less. :y:

    The wind was brisk for half the hike then finally laid down a bit. We did this clockwise. Believe counter clockwise is my preference. A few deadfall trees block East Baldy #95 but nothing horrible.

    We met Elizabeth along the way on a backpack with a White Mountain women's group. Bug count on the summit - 1 ladybug. Large portions of the loop are powder dusty similar to the BA, SK & NK at Grand Canyon. As always, beware the fetid odor of Parry's Primrose.

    On the way home we enjoyed a peaceful dinner at Chez BK.

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