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Topographic map, waypoints, mileage, elevation, speed, time, moving average, breaks. Audio options for splits, nearby waypoints, and off-trail alerts.

Direct GPX import. Last imported route auto sets to "Follow". Offline topo maps specific to the route load for navigation.

Contributing members may import/save from HAZ & Route Cloud™(RC) with Route Editor™(RE) to review, edit, share, post, plan, download & archive. Route Editor™ is an online tool to create, edit & store gps route files ( tracks & waypoints/poi)
ie: gpx, gdb, kml, tcx, fit, etc...

Update History
Save/Share &
Optionally Edit Route before posting or up to 5 days after posting

Draft View ( before final post ) & Edit View

Posted View ( only author sees EDIT Route )
There are over a dozen topics in Info on RS. Info is at the bottom of the homepage on RS. If you have a question that is not explained or that you do not understand in RS Info or here on HAZ in RS FAQs, then ask using the Help button at the bottom of this page.
Import Posted GPS Routes on HAZ into RS

List of routes on HAZ profile "Routes" tab or any list of routes on HAZ
- tap the blue download icon in the listing
- tap Send to Route Scout App**

Viewing a route on the HAZ Map
- tap the route on the map desired
- if the left pane info window is closed tap the orange ">" tab on the left of the screen to open

- tap the blue download icon
- tap Send to Route Scout App**
** For best results - have Route Scout on the home screen, with the screen on, with strong internet
Alternative Import Options

Import by ID
RS > Import > Search or ID > type in ID number of route desired
Look for type of links on HAZ
( 12356 is the ID in the above example )

Download as .gpx then on RS... RS > Import > Select .gpx
If using a laptop or desktop, getting the .gpx file to your phone is a hassle beyond the scope of this helper. Instead download from a browser on your phone that RS is installed.
The Route Scout function Save/Share creates an RS Triplog on HAZ. Which is the combination of a triplog plus an embedded GPS Route.

After recording a hike on Route Scout: Files > tap the file > Save/Share [ Example ]

About Standalone
Legacy standalone GPS Routes ( +Add > GPS Route ) are intended for Official Routes. They take significantly more resources for HAZ to serve/share vs an RS Triplog with an embedded route. Processing equipment and third-party API services are the top two resources.

About the route in an RS Triplog
The route is directly viewable from a triplog: Popup & MapDEX. MapDEX is intended for advanced planning, it uses resources that are not necessary for a quick dynamic overview.

The route populates in key places standalone GPS Routes are found too:
- MapDEX (Plan>Map)
- Mini Map & Route tab list on profile pages

The embedded route may be downloaded, Send to Route Editor is in the elevation profile on MapDEX. 

When an RS Triplog is found on MapDEX, the entire triplog displays when selected without leaving the page.

The embedded route may optionally be edited before the final triplog "Post" and up to 5 days after.

Private / Public
RS Triplogs have the option to set the route as private.

Why Embedded
RS Triplogs use a different structure and method to deliver the "view" of the route. It is more efficient than legacy GPS Routes for both HAZ* and the now market share of mobile** devices vs desktop/laptop.

* Super efficient for HAZ, could easily serve a billion vs 100k standalone.
** Minimal but a quicker experience for the end-user. Test any RS Triplog and Popop is faster than MapDEX.

Final Note
Save/Share is very helpful in keeping HAZ online.
How to
EDIT Route > tap track on map > tap sync in Track Menu > tap update route
Example screenshot

Should I "sync" the track elevation on RS?
iPhones: rarely needed

Android: it is typically best to sync if the hike is near a metro area and not in Airplane Mode. On Android, the device triangulates with cell towers if it's not in Airplane Mode. Cell tower triangulation is okay for recording location but is often inaccurate in elevation.

Generally, it's apparent when the route needs to be synced. If the elevation profile has a super fine saw blade look that is not data from the GPS radio. Huge elevations variances need to be synced. Huge variances occasionally occur switching in/out of Airplane Mode during the hike. If the profile looks smoother synced, then it's probably best to sync.

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