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mini location map2010-03-11
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Sandy Seep Trail #129Flagstaff, AZ
Flagstaff, AZ
Ski SnwBoard avatar Mar 11 2010
Ski SnwBoard1.50 Miles 350 AEG
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350 ft AEG
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Popped out to take advantage of some fresh snow during my lunch break. This trail is nice because it's just down the street from my office and it's only about a mile or so from the trail head to the base of Mt. Elden. This makes it perfect for a "quickie" to either hike/bike/ski any time of year. It's also very quiet and peaceful and feels more remote than it really is. The whole Sandy Seep area climbs gradually up to the base of Mt Elden and offers some decent views of Elden and the cinder hills to the north.

Vegetation consist of mostly ponderosa pine, gamble oak, juniper and other small shrubs. The area is very open and "park-like" as a result of the Radio fire in '77 which denuded the entire East side of Elden, clearing out most of the big trees. There are still a lot of burnt pine snags throughout the area, mostly towards the base of the mountain. It's a good example of a recovering forest 30-years after a major fire. The satellite view of this area provides a striking indication of the before and after effects of the fire. See it here: ... 93f615c3ce
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