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Pacheco State Park Guided Wildflow, CA
mini location map2010-03-30
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Pacheco State Park Guided Wildflower, CA 
Pacheco State Park Guided Wildflower, CA
Hiking avatar Mar 30 2010
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Pacheco State Park offers about 15 trails over 6800 acres of beautiful rolling hills between Los Banos and Gilroy. In the springtime (depending on winter conditions) there are an abundance of wildflowers and green grasses. The day use area is located off Dinosaur Point Road and is signed. There are picnic tables and toilets, as well as room for horses. The day use fee is $5 ($4 if over 62).

It was raining on the day my mom and I headed up there. While there were still wildflowers, a friend's pictures taken a few weeks before indicated that we'd missed them at their splendid height. The trails are not very well signed so it was unclear which trails we were on. At the suggestion of my mom's colleague at the community college in Los Banos, we did the springtime wildflower guided tour which was only two, looped miles. The pamphlet describing 10 different stops were located at the self serve fee area. The pamphlet is long and descriptive, but illustrations would have been helpful. Perhaps we weren't paying close enough attention, but we didn't see all the stop signs while on the trail.

Generally, the trail(s) was easy to follow, though signs designating trail names would have been extremely helpful as reference points. It's an easy stroll and quite pretty, especially with the quickly moving dark clouds. It was very windy, as it often is on the pass. Lots of cow patties. Near the mid section of the trail you gain a view of the San Luis Reservoir which was quite full. A nice way to spend an hour and I hope to someday go back to explore the other trails.

Information about the park can be found here:
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