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mini location map2010-07-08
4 by photographer avatarlP14
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Blue Mesa TrailNortheast, AZ
Northeast, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 08 2010
Hiking1.00 Miles 210 AEG
Hiking1.00 Miles
210 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Really short, easy, paved trail. I think the park newsletter designates it as strenuous, so it scared off one of my hiking companions. Though it may be the most strenuous trail in the park, it's easy. While the blue mesas were beautiful to see, we were somewhat disappointed that there was not as much petrified wood as we had hoped. The park movie said that they estimate they lose about a ton of petrified wood a MONTH. If you are choosing between short hikes, I recommend The Crystal Forest Trail because it is essentially flat, paved, and has tons of petrified wood. At least it did on our visit.
Petrified Wood
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