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Falls Trail Lollipop
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Poconos/Endless Mtns, PA
Poconos/Endless Mtns, PA
Hiking Sep 13 2010
Hiking7.20 Miles 1,300 AEG
Hiking7.20 Miles
1,300 ft AEG
1st trip
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I was born and raised in a city near Wilkes-Barre PA and wanted to attend my 50th high school reunion on Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010. But round trip from AZ made it questionable. So I added a 3 day stay with my sister on the New Jersey shore followed by the reunion and this hike.

I would not have known about it except it was written up as a reader's choice hike in Backpacker Magazine several months ago. Twenty-one waterfalls, that is mind blowing. So I had to do it. Sunday or Monday was the possibilities since my flight back from Philly was Tuesday. On Sunday it was totally cloudy with drizzling rain all day. I drove to the trailhead and there was total fog and about 20 cars there. Pictures would not be possible on this day. Amazingly the weekend warriors were still doing the hike in the drizzle. I postponed till Monday and had a great weather day and only a few other hikers. On Sunday I was able to drive up to Lake Jean and see the campsites, cabins and Park office where I picked up the free map and guide.

There are two more accesses to the Falls Trail from the top but my sense is the Route 118 trailhead from the bottom is the better way to go.

This is one beautiful hike. The trails are well marked and easy to follow. Nobody gets lost there. It is good to have the free map since there are several trail intersections along the way and the map will make the correct one quite clear.

Beware of rocks that are slippery when wet. First hand I learned that my Arizona based judgment does not apply there and I got a little wet at the first waterfall. I was aggressive about getting good position for photos and that can be hazardous to your health. Over the years Ricketts Glen has had its share of injuries and a few fatalities as well. Remember the wet rocks can be as slippery as a sheet of ice.

An outstanding hike.
Become a skilled GPS user and it will set you free!

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