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Hart PrairieFlagstaff, AZ
Flagstaff, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 22 2010
Hiking2.00 Miles 1,102 AEG
Hiking2.00 Miles
1,102 ft AEG
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WOW! It was another outstanding weekend @ Hart Prairie! We "willowed" all weekend long ...plant some willows, build protective cages, fence work, clean up in the beeb willow grove, haul willow slash ...It felt good to work!
Neal showed us a stock tank that was not fenced off in BLM land & the one we worked on ...what a world apart they were! Gave us a real sense of what can be accomplished. I will post some pics from the 2 ponds will be amazed.
Personal resume expansion -- MULE driving, Cage Building, Fence work

Mother Nature put on a great show - fall color at peak, snow frosted pines and the peaks in white, some fog and rain and the crisp chill of winter....It was a real treat!
Oh yes -- then there was all that wonderful food...Thanks for making the "whine n cheese" a success! Much fun was had .... except we had no pancakes from Shawn -- We missed ya a bunch Shawn!

Thanks to TNC & Neal for hosting us. Can't wait to go back in 2011
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