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mini location map2020-09-27
7 by photographer avatarScaredyCat
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Hart PrairieFlagstaff, AZ
Flagstaff, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 27 2020
Hiking10.79 Miles 1,425 AEG
Hiking10.79 Miles   5 Hrs   57 Mns   2.03 mph
1,425 ft AEG      38 Mns Break
1st trip
Partners none no partners
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Decided a bit too many vehicles to want to hike this road. Instead we did 3 hikes along the road. 1st one was about 3 miles in. This one veers right and up a hill we then took an intersecting route down.

We then did a 2nd short hike. This one was fern mtn. We parked across the street. This one is steep with a narrow trail. This section is easy to miss.

We then drove a couple miles further down for a longer hike. Hart prairie road gets rougher in this area. I dont recommend cars venture to Bismarck Lake th. This section is just over a mile but it then connects to the AZ trail. Next we turned right and followed it up into the aspens.

This is where we observed early Fall colors. The ground coverings were gold and some of the Aspen leaves yellow. This was further evident during the Aspen Corner section. We could see stronger colors further up on Humphries.
foliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observation
Autumn Foliage Observation Isolated
At 9000 ft in the aspens.

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