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Battleship Mountain - Superstitions
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mini location map2011-02-06
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Battleship Mountain - SuperstitionsPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 06 2011
Hiking12.00 Miles 2,956 AEG
Hiking12.00 Miles
2,956 ft AEG
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Part I (written on scratch paper during my snack break @ the Summit)

"Veni, Vidi, Vici" Well, ...I didn't actually "Vici" ;) In fact, I doubt if anyone ever has or ever will, "conquer" the Superstition Mountains. These mountains were here long before we arrived and they will remain long after we are gone. I believe the most we can hope for is to enjoy their magic and mystery and return home safely after each adventure across their peaks and through their canyons. And each time we do return home safely, we will have done more than many of the adventuring, greedy and foolhearty souls who have gone before us.

I'd love to say that this second trip up the Battleship, my first solo trip, was accomplished without the fear and anxiety I experienced on my first summit. However, that would be a lie.............

Part II (written upon my return home)

When I hiked this Mountain a month ago, I went with a partner. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that had I been alone I never would have completed the climb. I finished then so as not to put a damper on my companion's day. That's why today had to be solo, this one had to be for me. My hat's off to those of you who enjoy this hike. I truly envy you all. I'm thinking I must have been born without the "adventure" gene. (Do they sell those @ R.E.I.?)

Took a small spill in a steep downhill gravel section shortly before the final climb to the summit. Good news was it was in a benign area nowhere near the edge of anything. Bad news was I chose to fall uphill into the mountain rather than away from it and fell right into a cactus and rocks. Scratches, scraps, a little blood and bruising. Anywhere else I might have been upset with myself. But on this mountain, I was thrilled to get "off with just a warning" ;)

I did find that two of the more frightening sections I either crossed or climbed last trip, were totally unnecessary. Once already crossed, I found another one today that was "off trail". Maybe this hike wouldn't cause me so much anxiety if I'd just stick to the proven route and stop taking these absurd detours :-k

One of today's techniques to keep my mind busy and off of the obvious was to keep stats. It didn't work :scared: But here they are anyway...

1:55 = First Water TH to the jump off onto the Battleship trail. (and I use the word trail, loosely)
1:27 = Jump point to summit.
0:40 = Snack break @ the summit, a few photos, some calm down time and the writing of part of this log.
1:28 = Summit back down to the creek (should have been faster. However, once I'd cleared that last rock climb down, above the small cave, I was so relieved to be off that freakin...I'm sorry, I meant to say that "majestic mountain", I stopped paying attention to the trail and ended up bush whacking most of the way back to the creek bed. :oops: )
1:40 = Creek entry back to First Water TH

All things considered, another beautiful day. Am I glad I went, I don't know. Will I ever go again...... ;)
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