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Battleship Mountain - Superstitions
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Battleship Mountain - SuperstitionsPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 14 2010
Hiking11.40 Miles 2,100 AEG
Hiking11.40 Miles
2,100 ft AEG
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I took a friend of mine out here this time. It was nice to have some company to show off this jewel of the Supes. I was hoping for lots of reptiles, but I guess I should be careful what I wish for. I wanted lizards, but I got a couple of close calls with rattlers.

The weather was great. We set out at 7:30. The brittlebush plants are in FULL bloom and everything was glowing yellow. As you descend down into boulder canyon, the brittlebush have grown over a pretty large portion of the trail. Where there weren't brittlebush, there was grass. Off trail, you could barely make out the terrain. The first snake encounter was coming down the trail as another hiker was making his way up the trail. He nearly stepped on him and jumped back. The snake seemed quite upset. He rattled so much I thought there were two. I took a couple of pictures, gave him a wide berth, and continued on.

There was still water running down in Boulder Canyon and it even looked good enough to drink and swim in places. There were a ton of mosquito larvae in the standing pools, but the running portions looked clean and clear.

As we went through the slot canyon to start the bushwhack to the stern, things got a little dicey. First the terrain is all scree and very slick. Second, the brittlebush were blooming and very large, third, the grasses were everywhere the brittlebush were not. All of these led to a very nerve racking trip. You never really knew what would be under your next foot step. I tossed some rocks ahead of me to alert any snakes that may be in the area. We didn't hear anything.

The hike to the top was pretty uneventful. It is the definitely the fun part of the hike.

On the hike back, we decided to make a B-line straight to boulder canyon to avoid any more bushwhacking than necessary. The trip through boulder canyon wasn't so bad since there was an abundance of water.

On the hike back out, we encountered the second snake of the day. I was walking along about a mile or so from the TH and noticed the guy sticking out of the left side of the trail right where my foot was about to plant the next step. He didn't rattle at all and just sat there with a half-coil. He seemed cool as a cucumber and not annoyed by us at all.

We got back to the car around 3 or so and headed home. If I were to envision a perfect AZ hike, this would be it.
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