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Cookes Peak from 4WD TH
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mini location map2011-03-26
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Cookes Peak from 4WD THSouthwest, NM
Southwest, NM
Hiking avatar Mar 26 2011
Hiking5.00 Miles 2,368 AEG
Hiking5.00 Miles   3 Hrs   30 Mns   1.43 mph
2,368 ft AEG
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1st trip
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I did the route from the 4WD trail head to the summit. The route description and trail head description is available with a Google search.

Steep route that includes a class II scramble near the summit. Chilly & windy, but worth the effort. :y:

UPDATE (4-4-11; revised AEG from 2600 and added the following): The route description I found through a Google Search (search: 'Cooke's Peak NM' read the by Gerry Roach)

Gerry's description to the 4WD trail head route is accurate, but you DON"T have to call the Hyatt Ranch. I did, and like most folks in rural NM, they were friendly. The road has been re-routed so no more locked gate. The mileage calls still seemed close enough to get me there.

I don't drive dirt roads like a 'Raped Ape' (hopefully; you don't either) and it took an hour once I left the pavement to get to the trail head. I have a 99 F-150 4WD and I don't recommend driving the last two miles, unless you have a high clearance vehicle at the very least. I didn't see another person the entire time I was off pavement.

I did get off the correct trail on my descent, once I got near the fence he describes (only fence I saw and I had to admire the hearty souls who erected a fence in that location).

I recommend you pay close attention to the ridge as you ascend. Orient yourself at the first saddle as you ascend (particularly your relationship with the east face of the summit pyramid). From that first saddle, the trail traverses a steep slope towards a higher ridge to the south. Once on the higher ridge, you will cross through an opening in the fence. There are many faint but visible trails in this area and where I got confused on my descent. The route marked on a topo map in Gerry's description was very helpful, since I don't use GPS when I hike. Gerry's narrative of the route was also helpful. If you use GPS when you hike, I recommend you mark a few 'way points' on your ascent as you traverse the steep slope.

Once you get on the upper ridge, you begin to see more of the summit pyramid. The exposure was awesome and once I got to the base of the 5.2 pitch, it was obvious I had arrived, based on the narrative. The 5.2 pitch was fun and in my opinion, properly rated. It is an easy hike, so long as you are acclimated to steep ascents. If not, you may want to upgrade the rating and be prepared. Blackett's Ridge and the standard Pusch Peak route are going to work well if you need to train for this hike.
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