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Epinephrine / Whiskey Peaks hike/descent, NV
mini location map2011-10-15
23 by photographer avatarHikergirl81
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Epinephrine / Whiskey Peaks hike/descent, NV 
Epinephrine / Whiskey Peaks hike/descent, NV
Climbing avatar Oct 15 2011
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-A hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, esp. in conditions of stress, increasing rates of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism; preparing muscles for exertion.
-A 2000ft Multi-pitch climb in Black Velvet Canyon, Red Rocks, Nevada
-An epic adventure.

-This is it. The multi-pitch climb that intimidated me more than any other. It is rated 5.9+ but the chimney sections could make a 5.12 climber quiver. We camped in the back of Danny's truck and hiked in at first light. We were second on the route and waited for a long time for the 1st party to get high enough up. Behind us was another part of two. I was surprised to discover I knew him! Colby; he's a local 5.12+ sport climber that I met in the Gallery last year
-The crux(pitch 3?)was impossible to chimney unless you wore your knees as earnings! Danny had used the off-width knee sized crack inside but had a few sketch moves to the anchor. The next two chimney pitches were easier but still really strenuous. We ran out of water for the final pitches that were great aesthetic 5.9 climbing.

-We un-roped too early and I attempted the sand covered/ slabby 5.4 pitches in flip flops carrying the rope. The drop off had the potential to make one slip into a terrifying 2000ft free fall; it made me freak out! I couldn't do it. Danny decided to carry everything, free solo in his Chacos, then set up an anchor for me to follow.

-That was it for daylight and we didn't even sign the registry at the top. I was using the last amounts of light to search for the walk off cairns and quietly freaking out. Danny was weak/dizzy and I was retching from the driest mouth I have ever had experienced. The dehydration was making us both sick and we hadn't even begun the walk off.

-For the walk off (in the dark) we had to follow the sparse cairns across the saddle and up another peak the traverse a ridge line of 5 or 6 peaks toward Whiskey Peak. Thanks to Danny and his bright headlamp we never got off track but the walk off took us 5 hours!

-There were many times Danny laid down on this back due to exhaustion and dizziness; I thought if I stopped I wouldn't be able to force myself to get up again. The decent was just like four peaks.. elusive, steep with many hard down climbs. The cairns were spread far enough apart that we couldn't use them to find our way, but saw then occasionally to know we were on the right track. It was DARK and my head lamp wasn't bright enough to search for the them. It was so difficult in flip flops with a heavy 70 meter mess of a rope. Danny's rack easily weighed 20 lbs and dangled from his waist catching on everything during the decent.

-At one point, I was so scared and frustrated that I quietly cried. I was so dehydrated didn't produce tears! Danny was very nice, he gave me a hug and offered to carry the rope. I felt like such a girl! I was embarrassed to seem so weak but then I remembered it is normal for me under extreme stress to cry. Plus, when I get to this point I always feel tougher than before. I experience a renewed sense of strength, I think this is probably caused by the endorphins released. (See girls, it's okay to cry for a moment it may actually help :))

-The moon finally rose about half way down and it made it easier to see where we were headed. If we had water we could have waited, but our muscles were already cramping. We may have been hallucinating because we didn't even recognize when our decent intersected the trail we had hike in on. This trail leads in and out of Black Velvet Canyon; we have hiked hiked many times before. When we saw the truck. I ran! My rope was so unraveled it trailing behind me! I drank a full gallon jug and We both laid in the dirt trying not to vomit..
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