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Picacho State Recreation Area
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Inland, CA
Inland, CA
Hiking Jul 02 2009
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I stopped at Picacho SRA on my way to San Diego. I had the whole place to myself and decided to look for wildlife along the river at night. At dusk, I walked about 2.5 miles up river and swam about 4 miles back to camp. I've never done this before and have never heard of anyone doing this, so I was not sure what to thing. I had a small headset light, my camera, and a backpack with a bladder that I filled with air.

As I floated, I did not see anything until around midnight. I saw about 10 beavers and a lot of them swam up to me. I thought that they were being curious when they approached me, until I read how territorial they were and saw that deadly beaver attack on youtube. :? I'm glad that I thought that, because many of them were within 4ft, and I was not scared. When I pulled out the camera from the ziplock bag tho, the beavers would dart away, occasionally smacking their tails on the water. Not all the beavers approached me. Some of them swam beside me and one swam in front of me and appeared to be obviously to my presence.

Of course, I was not able to get off any shots, but I wasn't interested in beavers. I actually was focused on the river banks, hoping to find some animals that were on top of the food chain. I heard a plethora of coyotes, saw a few deer, and saw one fox, but night photography while trying to stay afloat and not get the camera wet was challenging.

Anyway, I ended the trip around 3am, and slept for 2 hours, and went looking for snakes. I looked everywhere for them, and ended up finding one at my campsite in front of my car eating a mouse. The snake let go of the mouse and retreated to a hole. I placed the mouse in the hole, so it can enjoy it later.

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