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Boynton's BackyardSedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 07 2011
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Hiking8.50 Miles
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Decided last week to take Muesli on a hike after finding out Mrs. Bart01 would be working late on this day. Wanted to take him to play in the snow which is every dreadlocked dogs dream cool air and feeling the snow between the toes. Anyway, after reading Joe and Bob's triplogs from this hike thought it would be a good chance to get the dog out somewhere other than Papago and I had been meaning to visit a set of ruins I took a picture of when I hiked there last time. As I'm downloading the Gps route I notice Dave1's triplog and a ruin in the distance through the trees and snow. It looked pretty cool as well.
I showed up to a completely empty parking lot. :) Last time I was there I had to wait for someone to leave. The temps were brisk and the ground still frozen. Muesli did his business before hiking saving me from carrying a bag the entire way. 8)Was able to get up to the first ruin which was pretty cool. The scenery of course was spectacular. I'm not a big fan of the whole going behind the resort and sounds of the city for the first part of the hike, but I like how they melt away with each step farther on the trail until it is completely silent except for occasional helicopters which buzzed through the canyon. Counted 4. Probably not a bad retirement gig getting paid to fly through the canyons of Sedona. :-k
Didn't see the second ruins on the way in and didn't go all the way to the end of the Gps track. Took the track to the right of the peak along the creek. There was still quite a bit of snow. Dropped into the creek to play in the snow with Muesli who could only be described as frolicking. Burying his face in the snow snorting and running all over the place enjoying cool weather. On the way back I decided to climb out of the creek bed for lunch to kick off the VFF's and sun myself on a large outcropping of rock. Took some pictures and decided to explore. Found and visited the ruins. There was a log in the main ruins and they seem regularly visited as someone had signed yesterday. Saw inscriptions from 1955 and 1926. Some corncobs and a broken metate. Difficult getting to the main ruins as they are over an alcove. Had to grab the ledge and hook a heel and pull myself up to my stomach :o as it appeared it would be difficult to traverse without touching a wall. On the way down realized you could carefully traverse below the ledge using handholds below the wall which is probably how smart people get up to the dwelling. It has a major wall which is cracked in two places and has actually separated in a third place allowing entry there is another wall and then a room behind that space. There are outlying partial walls and another alcove below that is low and goes back about 20 feet and opens up although the ceiling is quite low. All in all a pretty fun day of hiking and playing in the snow. :D
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