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Umpstead State Park
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mini location map2007-07-24
10 by photographer avatargummo
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Umpstead State ParkCentral, NC
Central, NC
Hiking avatar Jul 24 2007
Hiking10.00 Miles
Hiking10.00 Miles
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I found these old photo, and a lot more photos, that I thought were lost forever on my photobucket account. I was visiting my mom who was in the hospital recovering from a stroke. Between visits, I would hit Umstead State Park to do a little herping. I didn't have much time, so I lot of my photos were rushed and not good quality, at least in my opinion. Nonetheless, I had fun.

In a previous trip to Umstead that I did with my mom, we saw a huge copperhead, 3 black ratsnakes, a black racer, and a plethora of box turtles, skinks, and toads. Unfortunately, my mom and I left the camera in the car.

During my short stay in NC, I discovered where I'd have the best chance to find Eastern hognosed snakes, but my time in NC ran out, but that's okay because I plan to go back someday as North Carolina is a great place to visit with lots to do.
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