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mini location map2005-12-26
5 by photographer avatarjj28
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Peter's CavePhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 26 2005
Hiking6.00 Miles 500 AEG
Hiking6.00 Miles   3 Hrs   30 Mns   1.71 mph
500 ft AEG
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I did this hike not so much for the cave but for the canyoneering experience. I started out going down into the Tortilla creek bed. I saw a canyon going towards the east that got my attention. I thought to myself, forget about the cave I am going to check out this canyon. I passed the turnoff for the cave and went up into the canyon along side the Apache trail. The canyon was nice and narrow for a little while but quickly opened back up and got boring. With that being said I turned back around and started up towards my original plan. The hike was rather slow going. A lot of rock hopping was required. The entrance into the canyon could easily be missed. This is where the fun started. The huge boulders were very fun to negotiate. Once out of the boulders, you come to a spot that is solid granite for awhile. This was a welcome relief to my feet because it was so much easier to walk on then the many rocks and the boulders. This soon changed as the rock hopping came back into play. This is were I started to think to myself am I actually going the right way. I didn't see a cave and I was really anticipating more narrow of a canyon. Then I came to a bend and everything feel into place. I saw the canyon starting to narrow. The rock walls on the side started getting higher and then I saw the cave. This is a very beautiful area. I really don't think this canyon is very interesting until you actually get to the cave. Once in the cave I could not help but notice, though it felt like you were miles from anywhere, there is a major flight pattern right above you that takes away from the wilderness experience. I could only imagine the canyon gets better after the cave. If anyone has hiked past this point please let me know how it is. I wanted to go farther but I am still sore from Flatiron. I tacked on more miles then needed with my side trip into the other canyon and not taking the shortcuts, Which by all means take. You are not missing a thing!
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