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Devil's Punch Bowl Falls Napa, CA
mini location map2013-01-19
5 by photographer avatarJonnybackpack
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Devil's Punch Bowl Falls Napa, CA 
Devil's Punch Bowl Falls Napa, CA
Hiking avatar Jan 19 2013
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Hiking2.20 Miles
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On a little "business trip" I had a few hours to explore an area that we all can agree is as good as it gets in the USA (that being Napa Valley, Ca.). From Santa Rosa, I took the St Helena Highway to Angwin over the most epic and beautiful drive I could ask for. The "parking area" is a dead end road that transitions into a private drive to a family owned winery. There are only a few areas to park, but not to worry many people travel this path in the winter. Starting from the opening in the gate, heaven like greenery, birds, and flowing water lead my way. I almost started skipping :whistle: . It's a fairly steep grade down a 1 miles (or so) two track trail in a dense redwood/oak forest. There are pumps and water lines the whole way day, taking water to locals I am assuming. Kind of annoying, seeing how secluded it is. It's fairly easy to find the unmarked trail to the falls (aprox. 1000 ft to the falls down a steep ridge to the right.) The falls roar is amplified by the "punch bowl" and it adds to the excitement before you even see it. The creek is several mountain drainages meeting upstream, so after some rains it seems likely you'll have a few weeks of good flow. To get to the bottom of the falls you must cross the creek and follow a narrow footpath that clings to the steep ride for a few hundred feet, then a short scramble gets you to the creek level. The 14 foot waterfall flows gracefully among redwoods and oaks, with moss clinging to every rock it possibly can. I tried to show the amazing beauty of this place in my photos (not possible). In the winter/spring the "green" is in full force and that is also a time when you may be there for hours alone, as I found myself that way. I highly recommend this for anyone, it's relatively easy, and high rewards are to be found!
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