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mini location map2011-12-13
5 by photographer avatarJonnybackpack
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Hog CanyonPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Canyoneering avatar Dec 13 2011
Canyoneering6.50 Miles 1,130 AEG
Canyoneering6.50 Miles
1,130 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Well, another rain storm in the desert, another waterfall off the check list. Though, not the falls I intended to see. Headed in from the Broadway trail-head and the rain let up a bit for a quick hiking pace. The drainage was as I remembered, slow moving, ankle turning, and just plain hard work. The fog and clouds came and went until I hit the mouth of the canyon and that's where it all intensified. I tried to avoid overshooting every subject I saw to keep things, especially my lenses, dry. I've done this hike before, but when everything is slick its a slow mover. Waterfalls were pouring off drainages and I began to get pumped to finally see Hog Canyon Falls, so I put my head down and pushed ahead. At the point where the trail veers left, I hear...NOTHING. I don't get it. There was so much water EVERYWHERE, except hog canyon falls. So I dared to climb the left side of the falls and check the next set. A trickle. Again, I was pretty bummed but would not give up. I remembered seeing a fairly large falls towards the ridge line way off in the distance and fought through every desert shrub imaginable. Soaking wet is an understatement, and at this point the temp dropped and the sky really opened up and the weather drama really began. I was in heaven :D (ok ok hog heaven) Once I saw what I was in for I took a moment to take it in. What a set of falls. So much beautiful water, racing towards the canyon floor. I won't go into details from here, but just know a few risky decisions were made to get to the base of the main falls. Honestly, breath taking is all I can say. I estimate the main set was over 75 ft. To bad half my shots were blurred and/or rain dropped.

Turning back A small break in the storm provided and unusual site, the sun! Great lighting that I shouldn't have photographed for the sake of time. I made it to the main drainage after fight thought thick brush and set home in the dark drainage bed and POURING rain. It was a lonely muddy walk home with the schnauzer. I'm happy to be home, happy I got to see all of that :y:
90+° 8am - 6pm kills
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