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The Subway Trail
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mini location map2013-08-02
19 by photographer avatarkelraen
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The Subway TrailSouthwest, UT
Southwest, UT
Hiking avatar Aug 02 2013
Hiking9.10 Miles 1,150 AEG
Hiking9.10 Miles
1,150 ft AEG
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I've been using this website for years and owe some of my best hiking experiences to this website and the network of folks that support it. I've been meaning to post my photos for a while, so now I finally have gotten around to it.

The subway was a hike I had been meaning to do when I decided to go back to Zion for the first time in 10 years. From start to finish it was amazing. The permit process was a pain, but when all was said and done, it was an amazing semi-technical slot canyon experience. My word of advice to anyone would be to avoid doing the bottom-up trail unless you have someone who CANNOT do the top-down route. The scrambling and boulder-hopping part on the bottom is by far the least memorable/enjoyable part of the trip, so doing it twice didn't appeal to me at all. We brought 85 feet of webbing and were able to handline down the few waterfalls that needed it. The benefit to going in late July-early August is that you are in the water during the hottest months. The downside is that the normally-clear water can be nasty due to all the recent rains and flash floods. Between all the hikes I've done in Zion, the Subway is by far the best! Gorgeous scenery and some adventurous bits to boot.
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The Subway

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