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Ramsey Canyon TrailTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 21 2013
Hiking2.10 Miles 700 AEG
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700 ft AEG
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This photo-hike began at 8 am, as the sun was clearing the ridges to the entrance of Ramsey Canyon. The skies were clear with lightly spotted clouds, which built as the day progressed.
The interesting sights began as soon as we passed through the visitor's center to the trail head at Ramsey Creek. Our objective was to reach the Overlook and return.

The first real photo opportunity was at the Bedrock Waterfall. This granite outcropping of igneous rock was said to have been formed by slow cooling molten material from deep within the earth's surface about 1.4 billion years ago. The natural dam these rocks create offered sanctuary for birds, arroyo willows, sedges, scouring rush (of the horse tail family)and locust trees. The noticeable falls are seemingly shooting water straight up.

The next stop, of any time length, was the James House Overlook. An old house built in 1911, which the James family lived in after growing out of the later mentioned cabin. It's location was well-thought in relation to the sun and the creek. It's back is against the rising northern face of the canyon, while it façade looked out over the creek as the sun lit up the canyon floor and the area where nearly 100 settlers lived between 1880 and 1930.

Shortly after the Overlook House we discovered the cabin. The James Cabin was built in 1902 but is now inhabited by various creatures who find its voids and crevices irresistible.

From there, the many Sycamores, Mexican Locusts, Agave and assorted other plants and flowers caught our attention as we began the steeper rise to the Hamburg trail and the Overlook. Once past the Grizzly-scratched utility pole and rock wall that marks the Bledsoe loop, our hike became a bit more intense. The benches provided for resting seemed well-placed, as the grade took its tool on the calves and lungs. The frequency of our photo opportunities kept us from overdoing the ascension, so we basked in the silence of the wind and water which filled the area with constant rustling. We only experienced a couple fellow hikers on the way up.

Once we reached the Overlook, the Ramsey Peak was the center of attention. Some of the outcroppings of rock proved that the material was once liquid and cooled to solidity. Quite amazing veining! Water and almonds were enjoyed for a time, then our decision was to continue on down to the stream for more photo opps. This was a very rocky descent and inattentiveness would sprang an ankle quite easily.

We got as far as Comfort Springs trail's beginning, and decided to make the return trip. Our water was at half, and the photos were quite numerous by then. The return back to the visitor's center would introduce us to quite a few folks, and a whole gaggle of children enjoying the day.

If you've never experienced the Nature Conservancy's Ramsey Canyon Preserve, it will surely thrill your senses.
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