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Chalk Mountain
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mini location map2012-05-22
23 by photographer avatarMtnGeek
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Chalk MountainSouth Central, CO
South Central, CO
Snowshoeing avatar May 22 2012
Snowshoeing5.60 Miles 1,425 AEG
Snowshoeing5.60 Miles
1,425 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Summit Elevation: 12,017 feet.
For my chemistry class, I was doing a project on molybdenum. I decided to hike Chalk Mountain to get photo's of the Climax Molybdenum Mine. This provided an excelent snowshoe trip. I got out of my vehicle at Fremont Pass and started to look for the best route in the snow. I soon discovered signs that read, "No Trespassing." I got back into the car and headed down the road to the next trail head. When I got there, I saw a row of snowmobiles which belonged to a snowmobile tour company.
I strapped on my snowshoes and headed along my way. I ended up missing the road that takes me up the mountain, as I forgot my map. I ended up hiking up the side of the mountain through the forest till I reached the ridge top of the mountain. The north peak gave me some great view. Took some photos then headed along the long ridge south to the summit. The view of the Climax mine was extensive and fantastic. Got some really good shots of it. This was a trip well worth taking, and probably a better hike than the closed off Fremont Pass route.
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