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James Peak Summit Trail
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mini location map2007-01-06
7 by photographer avatarMtnGeek
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James Peak Summit TrailCentral, CO
Central, CO
Snowshoeing avatar Jan 06 2007
Snowshoeing7.28 Miles 2,950 AEG
Snowshoeing7.28 Miles
2,950 ft AEG
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This was a 4 part hike. From the trail head I carried my snowshoes on my back until I reached St. Mary's Glacier. Strapped on the Snowshoes and headed up the glacier. This is one of the steepest parts of the climb. Once I reached the top of the glacier, I took the snowshoes off and headed across the relatively flat plain for about 2 miles. Once I reached the base of James Peak I strapped the snowshoes back on and headed up the peak. The last 100 feet of this climb was really steep and I had to kick the toes of my snowshoes into the snow. The view on top was amazing. The mountains between James peak and South Arapaho peak are all less than 13,000 feet. James Peak looms over 1,000 feet higher than most of these mountains.
The walk down the mountain was fast and fun.
Mountains are there to be hiked!

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