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Buffalo Mountain
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mini location map2007-07-04
8 by photographer avatarMtnGeek
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Buffalo MountainNorthwest, CO
Northwest, CO
Hiking avatar Jul 04 2007
Hiking3.60 Miles 3,217 AEG
Hiking3.60 Miles
3,217 ft AEG
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In the summer of 2004, for the first time I drove across I-70 west of Denver. After coming out of the Eisenhower Tunnel I got my first look at Buffalo Mountain. After laying my eyes on this mountain, I knew I had to hike it someday. 3 years later I finally planned to hike this magnificent mountain. I parked at the Buffalo cabin trailhead and headed started to make my way up this peak. The mosquitos were killer in this area. I could not stop and take more than a minute break at a time just to ward off the mosquitos. The trail was steep and just kept getting steeper. The combination of the steep trail and not being able to stop for a lengthy time was wearing me down as I raced to the tree line.
Once above tree line where I was free from the mosquitos I took about half hour break. The rest of the hike was on boulders and the trail was hard to find in spots. When in doubt, head up until I find the next switchback.

The view from the top was fantastic. As beautiful as a peak Red Peak is, it blocked much of the view of the Gore Range. The views of the Front Range, Ten Mile Range, Dillon Reservoir, and the souther Gore Range was really good. This peak had quite a few people on it and my guess is that it might be the most popular 12er to hike in Colorado. I really enjoyed it and I would like to do it again someday.
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