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Sugarloaf Mountain - Maricopa
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mini location map2014-02-24
10 by photographer avatarDave1
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Sugarloaf Mountain - MaricopaSouthwest, AZ
Southwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 24 2014
Hiking11.31 Miles 2,386 AEG
Hiking11.31 Miles   5 Hrs   20 Mns   2.12 mph
2,386 ft AEG
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To give you an idea of what and where, here's Uncle Chum's shot of Sugarloaf as seen from BigHorn Peak:

On Sunday I took a ride on my ATV near the Belmont Mountains, which are west of everyone's favorite White Tanks Regional Park. The roads were too rocky for my taste so I didn't ride for long but it did get me interested in the area. I spotted a high point on the map, Sugarloaf Mountain at 3418' and thought I'd check it out today. I didn't know it until after the hike but SL is located within the Hummingbird Springs Wilderness Area, although I saw no signs indicating that. Most of the washes I followed today had signs of ATV or jeep travel so maybe not many people know this is a wilderness. Or maybe they don't care.

Its difficult to get close to this peak legally by vehicle and there are no trails. From 411th ave and I-10, I drove in on marked roads as far as my old Taco could go (luckily not crossing the wilderness boundary which I would have done unknowingly) and then set out on foot across the desert, using washes when possible. As I got close to SL I noticed it was surrounded by vertical cliff bands and knew before long that I would not be summiting today. I did see a possible route so I gave it a shot anyway. From my highest point I think a good, fearless climber probably could have reached the top. I am neither so I called it a day.

No wildlife spotted all day, save for a few lizards. I did see some BHS scat but nothing like on Bighorn Peak. Took a nice tumble as I was heading back down from (near)the peak. Luckily some sharp rocks broke my fall. Saw two jets do some low passes but I was in the wash both times and couldn't reach my camera quickly enough. Maybe F-35s from Luke? I imagined how awesome it would be to be standing on top of SL and have the jets buzz by. Someday. A little warm today but breezy in spots. I think next time I might try attacking it from the north or north-west.
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The Brittlebush are cranking right now.

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