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La Jolla CA 3-Day Weekend, CA
mini location map2014-03-22
65 by photographer avatarRandal_Schulhauser
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La Jolla CA 3-Day Weekend, CA 
La Jolla CA 3-Day Weekend, CA
Backpack avatar Mar 22 2014
Backpack28.17 Miles 990 AEG
Backpack28.17 Miles3 Days         
990 ft AEG
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1st trip
La Jolla CA - March2014

Kimpton Hotel, La Jolla CA

Dogs are allowed at La Jolla Shores beach outside the hours of 9am to 4pm (winter hours) and outside 9am to 6pm otherwise. Confirmed by Kimpton Hotels.

Day 1 - Saturday March 22nd, 2014
FitBit totals = 9.38 miles, 260 AEG (26 floors)

On the road by 8am and stopped for an early lunch at the Yuma Burger King. Arrived at our "dog friendly" base-camp at the La Jolla Shores Kimpton Hotel :next: (I'm becoming partial to this eclectic collection of hotels, a nice alternative to my global business choice of Marriott Hotels...). This is a nice alternative to our usual La Jolla "base-camp" at the historic Grande Colonial Hotel :next: and After checking into room 600 and enjoying some of the ocean views from our hotel room balcony, we hit the beach at precisely 6pm - dogs allowed time. Trekked up and down La Jolla Shores Beach and poked at some of the tide pools beyond the Scripps Institute Pier as the sun set into the Pacific Ocean :next: Continued with an evening stroll through all the La Jolla Shores "mom-and-pop" shops.

Day 2 - Sunday March 23rd, 2014
FitBit totals = 12.18 miles, 560 AEG (56 floors)

Started the foggy day with Kimpton's house brand coffee that obviated the need for a Starbuck's run next door. Appropriately caffeinated; Lynn, Skippy, Chryssie, and I now headed down to the La Jolla Caves tidal pools :next: Walking route took us from the La Jolla Shores Kimpton Hotel near the intersection of Torrey Pines Road and La Jolla Shores Drive over to Paseo Dorado that takes you to the La Jolla Shores Beach & Tennis Club :next: As you pass the Marine Room Restaurant :next: , there is a narrow pathway on the east side of the parking lot that allows you access to the beach and La Jolla Caves tidal pools. The dogs were able to poke around the tide pools checking out the anemones and hermit crabs. As 9am approached, so did the rising tide - good timing since that's the end of "dogs allowed" time on the beach. We exited the beach via the walkway beside the Marine Room and continued walking up the sidewalks of Spindrift Drive until joining onto Torrey Pines Road. From here, we continued walking uphill towards La Jolla Village until we came to a narrow paved lane, Coast Walk. There are great views from the bluffs above La Jolla Cove as it transitions into La Jolla Coast Walk Trail :next: Our trek took us to Goldfish Point beside the famous "Cave Store" :next: I must say that at this juncture our fresh sea breeze gave way to the putrid stench of sea lions, cormorants, and mega-guano! We picked up the pace walking past La Jolla Cove to return to a pleasant sea breeze at Scripps Park. We ambled our way along the coast towards Nicholson Point :next:
By the time we returned to our hotel, it was definitely lunch time...
After the dogs had their dinner, walked them from our hotel over to Pottery Canyon :next: As late afternoon approached, headed over to Kellogg Park and La Jolla Shores Beach before trekking north to the tide pools near Scripps Pier to catch the dud of a sun set :next:
Evening project trying to capture my "Jurassic Park" long exposure version of "Kimpton Park" :next: ... ark_US.jpg with their propane fire pots lighting up the hotel driveways.

Day 3 - Monday March 24th, 2014
FitBit Totals = 6.61 miles, 170 AEG (17 floors)

Explored the tide pools near Nicholson Point :next: before checking out Prospect Street and Mount Soledad Park :next: Some nice 360 degree views on top of Mount Soledad. After checking out of our Kimpton Hotel base-camp, headed south to SR94 to take the backroad to Campo. Stopped at the Rancho San Diego Burger King for lunch. Explored the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum :next: albeit closed weekdays. Is the Carrizo Gorge Railway still operating? Hard to tell given the light wear on the rails :next: It was a good reminder of "the impossible railway" and trip to the Goat Canyon Trestle :next: Scouted out the west end (south end?) access to Carrizo Gorge near Juccumba for a future return trip to Goat Canyon Trestle via a different route. Stopped at the new wind farm near Ocotillo CA (when did these appear?) before arriving home about 8pm...

FitBit 3-Day Totals = 28.17 miles, 990 AEG (99 floors)
733 miles on the F-150
77 photos on iPhone 4S
92 photos on Canon Rebel XT
332 photos on Canon 6D
77 photos on Canon 7D
3 days of good fun poking along the ocean shores of La Jolla CA
2 dogs
1 wife
Got my La Jolla fix, I'm sure we'll be back again sometime in 2014 I forgot to stop at the La Jolla Historical Society office :next: at the corner of Prospect Street and Eads Avenue to pick up one of their walking tour guides. Next time...

I'll post some photos when I get the chance!


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