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Utah/Arizona Strip Trek - May/June 2014, UT
mini location map2014-05-31
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Utah/Arizona Strip Trek - May/June 2014, UT 
Utah/Arizona Strip Trek - May/June 2014, UT
Backpack avatar May 31 2014
Backpack33.01 Miles 1,820 AEG
Backpack33.01 Miles4 Days         
1,820 ft AEG
 no routes
1st trip
Utah/Arizona Strip Trek – May/June 2014

Bryce Canyon NP (BRCA) & Zion (ZION) NP
Kodachrome Basin SP & Coral Pink Sands SP
Pipe Springs (PISP) NM & North Rim Grand Canyon (GRCA) NP

Utah/Arizona Strip Trek - Three National Parks, Two State Parks, One National Monument, Four Days, Three Nights, almost 1000 images, and 24 HAZ trails...

Prelude: Believe it or not but I’ve never been to Bryce Canyon or Zion. With 2 strikes already against me having previously attempted a trip in April (snowed out) and October (snowed out again), Lynn, the dogs and I made a late May attempt battling off strike three!

DAY 1 - Saturday May 31st
7.44 miles hiking and 390 AEG (39 floors) on FitBit
442 miles on F-150

With business visitors Friday evening, we couldn’t hit the road until early Saturday morning. Made good time and stopped for lunch at the Page AZ Burger King before crossing the Glen Canyon Dam into Utah :next: . Once in Utah, we passed some familiar sights in the Paria River Valley. Sad to hear the movie set from Clint Eastwood’s “The Outlaw - Josie Wales” was vandalized and burned to the ground :next: . Don’t know if I was one of the last to capture images before the set was burned to the ground :next: and

Eventually drove past Moqui Cave just north of Kanab UT :next: . I’ve always wondered if this was a structure incorporating original Anasazi ruins. A little online research says definitely not…

We turned off SR89 and onto Utah Scenic Highway 12 :next: . This was a treat for the first time (finally). Red Canyon gave us a hint of the “eye-candy” yet to come. Stopped at one of the pull-outs along SR12 and hiked the Red Canyon Loop :next: and a section of Golden Wall Trail :next: plus some connector trails (Red Canyon Tunnel Trail and Photographers Trail) :next: and ... orn-Trails

We eventually wandered into our “pet friendly” basecamp at the Best Western Ruby's Inn in Bryce Canyon City located just north of the park entrance :next: and ... hotos.html . This certainly was an international gathering of German, French, and Japanese tourist! After fixing a quick dinner at our basecamp hotel room, needed to stretch those legs around the Lake Loop :next: .

Sunday June 1st
10.71 miles and 780 AEG (78 floors) on FitBit
84 miles on F-150

Bryce Canyon NP :next: ... 14-web.pdf

Pets in Bryce Canyon NP :next:
"Pets are only permitted in campgrounds, parking lots, paved roads, paved viewpoint areas, and on the paved trail between Sunrise Point and Sunset Point"

We knew the limited hiking with dog options within the national parks before we left for Bryce and Zion. Undeterred, the Bryce “eye-candy” made up for any missed opportunities :next: . The Sunrise Point to Sunset Point Rim Trail :next: offered our first glimpse of the Amphitheater Region. Lynn and I then took turns minding the dogs up on top of the rim to give us each a chance to hike the Navajo and/or Queen’s Garden Loops. See :next: and .

Bryce Amphitheater Region map :next: ... er-web.pdf
Fairyland Point
Sunrise Point
Sunrise to Sunset Point paved connector trail is dog friendly Sunset Point Inspiration Point Bryce Point

Bryce Southern Scenic Drive viewpoint map :next: Swamp Canyon, Whiteman Bench, Natural Bridge, Agua Canyon, Ponderosa Canyon, Black Birch Canyon, Rainbow Point & Yovimpa Points

I had scouted up the Bristlecone Loop :next: that connects Rainbow Point and Yovimpa Points as a “photo op”. Unfortunately the trail was closed…

On the drive back from the southern reaches of Bryce Canyon, we stopped at Fairyland Point. Lynn and the dogs stayed at the rim top while I ventured down the Fairyland Loop Trail :next:

With the hour approaching 6pm and knowing we still had a couple of hours daylight left, we agreed to head the F-150 over to Kodachrome Basin SP :next: ... state-park located 7 miles off Highway 12 near Cannonville on Cottonwood Canyon Road :next: ... erview.png . I had previously viewed Kodachrome Basin from the south on an approach heading north up Cottonwood Canyon Road. On that occasion we had to abort our trip due to slick mud. This time I had an opportunity to view Kodachrome Basin from within the basin – nice! Pre-trip suggestions indicated Angels Palace or Shakespeare's Arch as highly recommended destinations :next: ... ochure.pdf and ... le-UT-5584 . Hiked Angel’s Palace Trail :next: followed by an aborted attempt of Shakespeare’s Arch :next: prior to a sundown picnic dinner at TH parking lot. Arrived back at Ruby's Inn basecamp to catch Hawks-Kings game and Game of Thrones...

Monday June 2nd
6.61 miles and 150 AEG (15 floors) on FitBit
245 miles on F-150

Zion NP :next:
1hr 44min drive per Google Maps from Ruby's Inn to Zion Lodge
Zion 2014 park map and guide :next: ... MG2014.pdf

Once again we knew the limited hiking with dog options within the national parks before we left for Bryce and Zion. Dogs are allowed on Pa'rus Trail :next:
Trail connects Canyon Junction and Zion Visitor Center. Prior to entering the 1.1 mile long Zion – Mt Carmel tunnel on SR9, it was recommended to us to make a stop at the Canyon Overlook Trail :next: ... -trail.htm and ... erlook.htm and Once near the Zion Visitor Center, I managed to grab the last available parking spot and we headed out along the Pa’rus trail as mid-morning temperatures hit the mid-80’s. With the scene reminding us too much of Sedona (the bad, not the good), we agreed to head up into the mountains and cooler climate along a back road I had scouted up as “Plan B”. Kolob Terrace Road was identified as an alternative since Zion Canyon can only be accessed by shuttle vehicles (no dogs allowed) :next: .
We had a pleasant lunch up at Lava Point :next: ... ground.htm and before checking out the West Rim TH :next: ... -trail.htm and Kolob Reservoir :next: ... 1154730183 and .

Tuesday June 3rd
8.25 miles and 500 AEG (50 floors) on FitBit
572 miles on F-150

“Getaway Home Day” via a natural curiosity, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park :next: ... state-park and ... alpink.jpg and and . We discovered colonies of rare Tiger Beetles (only 600-3000 total population of beetles) while hiking the dunes :next: ... ochure.pdf and were also treated to a fascinating display of late spring flowers while hiking the Nature Trail :next: . South Fork Indian Canyon Pictographs - Located 4 miles northeast of the dunes in the Mosquith Mountain Wilderness Study Area (WSA) :next: . From Hancock Road – Yellow Jacket Road intersection, drive 3.5 miles passing the Ponderosa Campground until you reach the intersection of Hancock Road and the 4WD Sand Spring Road on the right. A 4WD vehicle allows travel within .5 mile of the pictographs. If your vehicle will not make it on the soft sandy roads, walk from the "T" in Hancock Road and Sand Dune Spring Road. It is 4 miles, one way, to the pictographs. Take Sand Springs Route to first intersection. Then a little less than 2 miles the trail ends and hiking trail to pictographs and petroglyphs begins. From the parking area, walk northeast to locate a path of use through the sand. Continue the gradual descent down the obvious trail. The trail soon becomes obvious as it continues east and then switches direction after a small drop down through the rocks. Continue descending and then traversing the hillside beneath the cliff band on hikers left. Shortly you will arrive at the (chain-link fence protected) South Fork Indian Canyon Pictographs. The distance from the parking lot to the pictographs is about .5 mile and the descent is about 150'. The pictographs sit at the back of a large alcove and pictures must be taken from behind the fence 30' away :next: and ... ndex32.htm . This area is a unique hidden gem – highly recommended (and no HAZer has visited this place before?)!

Pipe Springs National Monument :next: and .

North Rim of Grand Canyon :next: and ... im-Map.pdf

Prior to our visit we knew about limited options hiking with dogs at the Grand Canyon North Rim; “Dogs on the North Rim; are not allowed other than the Bridle Trail (Greenway) that connects the lodge with the North Kaibab Trail and the portion of the Arizona Trail that continues north from there to the park entrance.”

Bridle Trail on HAZ :next:
Bright Angel Point Trail on HAZ :next:
Transept Trail on HAZ :next:

Made a stop at the Marble Canyon Navajo Bridge and found “condor city” :next: before stopping in Flagstaff for a late dinner. Arrived back home just before midnight…

7.44 miles, 390 AEG Saturday
10.71 miles, 780 AEG Sunday
6.61 miles, 150 AEG Monday
8.25 miles, 500 AEG Tuesday

TOTAL = 33.01 miles, 1820 AEG, 24 HAZ trails

141 images on iPhone
310 images on Canon Rebel XT
438 images on Canon 6D
61 images on Canon 7D

TOTAL = 950 images on 4 cameras...

442 miles driving Saturday
84 miles driving Sunday
245 miles driving Monday
572 miles driving Tuesday

TOTAL = 1343 miles on F-150 (20.8 mpg). Assuming $3.80 per gallon average, that’s 64.5 gallons consumed for a trip cost of $245.35…

EDITORIAL COMMENT; Coffee in Utah sucks. Maybe that’s too rash since I didn't stop and try the Cafe Adobe/Expresso Rock Shop in Hatch UT... Took a Starbucks “fix” in Flagstaff to return me to equilibrium!

That NPS annual pass comes thru again for $25 entry into Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon, plus $8 for Pipe Spring...

Aiming for Fall colour redux at Bryce Canyon Lodge the 1st week of October (looks like only Oct 4-6 or Oct 18-21 availability)? Cabin rentals are $212 per night plus multiple convenience fees and surcharges. Want to get some sunrise/sunset "golden hour" images...

PS - I see this trip tripped me over the 3K distance line for miles logged on HAZ :y:


Glen Canyon Dam :next:
Paria Movie Set :next:
Red Canyon Loop :next:
Golden Wall :next:
Ruby’s Inn Lake Loop :next:

Bryce Canyon NP Trails :next:
Sunrise Point to Sunset Point Rim Trail :next:
Navajo Loop :next:
Queen’s Garden Loop :next:
Bristlecone Loop :next:
Fairyland Loop Trail :next:
Angel’s Palace Trail :next:
Shakespeare Arch Trail :next:

Canyon Overlook Trail, Zion NP :next:
Pa’rus Trail :next:
Lava Point Overlook, Zion NP :next:
Kolob Reservoir Loop :next:

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park :next:
South Fork Indian Canyon Pictographs :next:
Pipe Springs NP Trails :next:
Bridle Trail, Grand Canyon North Rim :next:
Bright Angel Point Trail :next:
Transept Trail, Grand Canyon North Rim :next:
Navajo Bridge, Marble Canyon :next:

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