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Barks Upper Canyon Loop
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mini location map2006-12-19
5 by photographer avatarAZLOT69
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Barks Upper Canyon LoopPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 19 2006
Hiking6.00 Miles 885 AEG
Hiking6.00 Miles   4 Hrs      1.50 mph
885 ft AEG
1st trip
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A very rewarding hike. Once again a nice write up by the Fritski. He describes it well-the longest mile. I did the loop-Bluff Springs to Barks Canyon to Peralta Trail-Home. The initail climb up Barks Canyon seemed directionless and futile and at the first saddle i took a break for lunch. Considering turning back.................I pressed on. Soon things began to fall into place and while I believe I took a different approach than Fritski-thats ok. In my pictures you will note a fallen Saguaro. Go to it and under it and what awaits is a hidden slickrock pathway thru the seemingly insurmountable rock, a 75 foot " Fat Mans Pass". Route finding skills are tested on this hike and it reminds me of how the cave trail was years ago. I added a few cairns but I can say this hike would be almost impossible to do from the top down if you have never taken it from the bottom up. The opposite used to apply for the cave trail-but it is much more used now. Did I mention I really like this trail. As with motorcycling, the trip is more important than the destination. This hike you will enjoy both. Use caution............I rate this difficult !

I will submit a will note where I made mistakes and had to backtrack.
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Named place
Weavers Needle
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