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Mount Sneffels via Yankee Boy Basin
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mini location map2014-09-12
8 by photographer avatarTeamBillyGoat
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Mount Sneffels via Yankee Boy BasinSouthwest, CO
Southwest, CO
Hiking avatar Sep 12 2014
Hiking6.00 Miles 2,800 AEG
Hiking6.00 Miles   8 Hrs   30 Mns   0.92 mph
2,800 ft AEG   2 Hrs    Break
1st trip
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Magical Blue Lakes Mystery Tour De Sneffels Part 2:

This hike was a solo day hike from my campsite at Lower Blue Lake. The route was a lasso-loop up to the Blue Lakes Pass, then up the Southwest Ridge (class 3), to the summit, then down the Lavender Couloir (standard route), then back.
I got a pretty late start(9 am). But I wasn't worried about storms at the summit because the weather was perfect with 0% chance of thunderstorms. The SW Ridge was a really fun climb. There are a few sketchy spots that require basic bouldering moves to get past. They really got my adrenaline flowing. But they are not any more technical than the crux that is encountered when summiting Brown's Peak. The last 1/3 of the ridge climb really takes your breath away(especially being at 14k ft.). The rock is super grippy and solid. So it's a pretty easy scramble to the top. But there is some exposure. It drops off vertical on the left side. So I followed along the ridge slightly to the right side. I reached the top at about 1:30pm.

Reaching the summit was an amazing experience. It is moments like this that I remember why I slave away at work for too many hours a week. It reminds me of why it's good to be alive. I did not want to leave. So I stayed for a couple hours, ate lunch and soaked in the view. Awesome!!!

The route down the Couloir was brutal, especially the lower half. It was step, slide, stop, repeat the whole way down. Then it was uphill again back to the Blue Lakes Pass. Then back down to the basin. I saw quite a few marmot and pika along this hike above treeline.

Bottom line: If you ever get the urge to climb a 14er. This one is definitely worth doing. And it's not too far for a long weekend trip coming from the valley. I highly recommend it. And I will be back.

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