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Pine Mountain - AZT #21, AZ
mini location map2014-10-11
8 by photographer avatarAZ_Step
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Pine Mountain - AZT #21, AZ 
Pine Mountain - AZT #21, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 11 2014
Hiking7.00 Miles
Hiking7.00 Miles   6 Hrs      1.17 mph
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Pine Mountain AZT 21
First, we only hiked the trail section. I had already hiked the road section last year in November. I recommend bicycling this road section. All the ATV and ORV can ruin a good hike.
We started off early but didn’t realize shuttling vehicles would take almost 3 hours. So we started around 10 am.
The trail is a little over grown from all the rain. Most of the way trail finding wasn’t hard but the catclaw was making its presents know to all travelers. The only place we lost the trail was where the AZT crosses Sycamore Creek (33.851782, -111.452808). It looks like the creek had a flash flood and wiped out all traces of the trail in the creek. The trail markers on either side of the creek were fine condition and still in place, but if you’re not use to trail finding/bushwhacking it could be a little challenging. Also the mile or two section (trail south) could use some more marking. The rock cairns were hiding in the grass and could be hard to find in places. All in all the trail is a little over grown but in good condition.
Water was clear, clean and plentiful. We stopped for lunch at one of the pools in Boulder Creek. This was an unexpected find and was the highlight of the hike. It was a warm day and the pool was large and inviting, what a great place to cool down in and relax.
We finished the hike around 4pm. So 7 miles in 6 hours with an hour lunch/swim break.
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