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Muggins Peak, AZ
mini location map2014-12-13
16 by photographer avatardesert_boonie
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Muggins Peak, AZ 
Muggins Peak, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 13 2014
Hiking5.89 Miles 1,216 AEG
Hiking5.89 Miles   4 Hrs      2.36 mph
1,216 ft AEG   1 Hour   30 Mns Break
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With rain socking in most of the state, the area I had planned on going this weekend was somehow not affected by the storm. In a word, perfect. With the storm passing through it left the skies clear an blue, a perfect day for hitting up a desert area.

What can be said about a peak that is only over 1400ft? Most would say why waste your time, how hard can it be. Well for anyone who has been in the Yuma area and laid their eyes upon Muggins should know better. This peak is one of the most jagged, loose, and steepest peaks I've been on, so it is high consequence for those willing to venture up.

The drive in set the tone, there is a loop trail around the peak and area with signs leading you towards it. Rolling hills and a slightly different terrain that I am used to seeing in the area had me thrilled. Then you can really get into some fun with how far you want to drive in.

The peak is in front of you the entire time and the closer I got I had to wonder if the summit was really going to be obtained today. I gathered my things and headed off, my approach was from the south as I thought it would be best and at least lead me to the saddle and ridgeline between the two summits.

There was no rain, but a strong gusting wind made for the only weather factor to make this venture a little more spicy. I headed up and made my way towards a rocky spine which I thought would be the best shot at getting to the saddle with the least amount of risk. Boy is this rock crumbly, it made me think twice about every hold. I was able to get on the rock spine with a little work and it did indeed lead me to the saddle. I was unsure which summit was the official summit so my goal was to get up both of them. I went for the NW one first and she offered a few pucker moments with her rocky ridge leading up to the summit. So many holds crumbled in my hand at first touch, all I could do was throw what I had in my hand down the mountain showing me the path I certainly did not want to take. With the adrenaline now pumping and the wind gusting in my face I found my way up to the NW summit. WOW! What a view from up here. I soaked in the views and then turned my attention to the SE summit to try and find a route up. I thought I had one so carefully it was time to go back down to the saddle and enjoy some more of this mountain.

A small climb up the rock from the saddle led me to a spot I saw that I thought would go, but it required making a heck of a move with some pretty bad exposure and crumbly rock made me shake my head and say to myself it is time to find another way. I traverse to the south as much as I could before the peak led me to a sheer drop off of hundreds of feet which wasn't the way for sure. Time to get back to the saddle and work my way to the northern side of her. I had to drop a little to safely get to the northern side of the summit where I could only shake my head at the straight up climb I would have to make. There was a chimney that I scoped out, but it was too wide to safely get up and since I couldn't see what was above it, it was a no go. I see a pretty sweet arch in the rock and was able to go through which led me to the sunlight and the eastern face. I notice a ramp and at first I was thinking this was going to be the way. I approach the ramp and turn the corner and it quickly gets vertical. I made my way to the top of the ramp to see what the climb would involve. Again the rock was just too crumbly and exposed below me to take a chance. I go back down and back to the arch where I sat down for about 10 minutes.

After thinking it over I just said to myself sometimes you get the mountain, and sometimes the mountain gets you. Today the SE summit was only letting me get to first base. I make my way back to the saddle to go down but not before looking at my original path I thought would work while up on the NW summit. As I looked up I could only shake my head because of the climb, then out of the corner of my eye I spot something and do a double take at this spot. It was as if she was waving her finger at me to come over so I did. Now there was a move to make with some exposure below me, but it was a simple move I made quick and easy. Then I looked up and was like "could it be this easy" from here it was a simple steep walk up to a short rock face which had to be right below the summit. I climb up and that awesome adrenaline, summit feeling came over me. I was on the summit. After an hour of trying and ready to call it, she finally lifted her skirt for me. Great Success.

Nothing like a double adrenaline rush for two summits that only counts as one mountain. :)

Took my time going down as it was called for to stay safe.

This one has quickly become one of my favorites.
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