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Yellowstone National Park, WY
mini location map2015-12-19
22 by photographer avatarJohnnie
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Yellowstone National Park, WY 
Yellowstone National Park, WY
Hiking avatar Dec 19 2015
Hiking3.90 Miles 2,160 AEG
Hiking3.90 Miles
2,160 ft AEG
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1st trip
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I finally made it to Yellowstone for a snowmobile trip. I know it's not exactly a hike but I thought everyone would appreciate the photos anyway. I have been to many places in the outdoors but this one certainly went up near the top of my list. it was touch and go getting there and back snow-snow-snow but we made it. it snowed all day long on the sleds in the park but that was ok. My daughter loved it (we went 2 up on one sled) we got lucky a group that went 2 days before us had to wait a hour and a half to leave in the morning until the temps got up to 20 below zero. we started and low 30s and dropped to mid teens by the end of the day. I will go back for this again. Put it on your bucket list you won't regret it.
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90+° 8am - 6pm kills
stay out of the scorching sun
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