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Bell and Little Wild Horse Canyons Loop
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mini location map2017-10-28
35 by photographer avatarJohnnie
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Bell and Little Wild Horse Canyons LoopCentral, UT
Central, UT
Hiking avatar Oct 28 2017
Hiking8.50 Miles 827 AEG
Hiking8.50 Miles
827 ft AEG
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1st trip
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I can't believe this hike doesnt have dozens of postings. we drove 550 miles each way so we could hike 8.5 miles thru these canyons and everyone in our group agreed it was more than worth it. there is a nice dry camping area nearby with stunning views of the sky at night. we hiked in thru bell canyon first so we could save the best of the narrows for last but bell canyon was still wonderful. the entire hike is a nice combination of various scales of narrows, and rock formations. As a bonus, depending on your route you will pass by Monument valley and the exit for Newspaper rock. and a road with beautiful views of the Colorado river. next trip we will add a 4th day to stop at more sights along the way. BTW the fall color was spectacular at all the creeks and rivers.
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