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Reavis Canyon - AZT #18
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mini location map2016-01-22
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Reavis Canyon - AZT #18Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Backpack avatar Jan 22 2016
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Finished up passage 18 and 19 this past weekend - weather was perfect for this trip. My hiking partner and I had done the first 7.1 miles of Passage 18 as a day hike last year, so we parked a car on Forest Road 650 at the place where the AZT first crosses it (and before the road gets REALLY rough) to pick up where we last left off. I had parked my car off FR 83 near Roosevelt Lake since we had also done from there north to the bridge as a day hike last month. So we decided to connect those dots and finish these two passages. We had two other ladies join us on this trip too, so the four of us set off on Friday to climb Montana Mountain with the goal of getting past Rogers Trough for our camp. It was a long climb but the views were awesome! Once we got to the road going to Rogers Trough we hit snow and ice on the road along with the loose gravel - yikes. But a trail angel on a quad rewarded us at the trail head with four beers to enjoy with dinner that night. We only got a mile or so past the start of passage 19 when we started to lose light and found a perfect camp spot just off the trail and near running water. It was great to hear the creek all night long, and the nearly full moon was great too.

Day two was a slow day for us, but it actually worked out great in the end. It was perhaps my favorite part of the trail - I had NO idea that the east side of the Superstitions had pine forests, running creeks, and snow covered trail. I felt like I was hiking up on the rim. Water was flowing everywhere, and we had many creek crossings. In fact, we got so complacent about the water that we decided to wait and filter water at Walnut Spring and save carrying the weight on any climbs. Unfortunately the water was not nearly as plentiful at Walnut Springs as it had been elsewhere. But there was enough for all of us (the trail really does provide). But because it was slow going, and we took time to filter water, we decided we better stay there for the night since we knew we had a long climb through prickly pear cactus with no camp options close. But the hill above the springs provided the perfect campsite for the night. 360 degree views.

We left camp early the next morning (headlamps and a nearly full moon helped) to make sure we would get done with the hike and car shuttles before dark. So day three was the trek up through the cactus (my least favorite part) and over the hill to the Wilderness boundary before hitting the long rocky trek down FR 83 where we exited at the Cottonwood Trail where we had started our day hike last month (ending at the bridge). The last two miles to the car seemed to go forever (the last two miles are always the worst - so close and yet so far).

Just a note from the day hike from last month through Cottonwood Canyon - very cool area. I really enjoyed the canyon. But once again, the last two miles at the end of passage 19 seemed to go forever. We were so close to the bridge (and our car) only to be taken back into the hills for more ups and down with loose gravel. But the trail along passage 19 is well marked - thanks to all the volunteers. :app:

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