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Superior Shoreline Trail, MI
mini location map2016-05-29
3 by photographer avatarrtaylor3235
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Superior Shoreline Trail, MI 
Superior Shoreline Trail, MI
Hiking avatar May 29 2016
Hiking2.20 Miles 181 AEG
Hiking2.20 Miles   1 Hour      2.20 mph
181 ft AEG
1st trip
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Started out at my son's cabin, hiked down to the shoreline trail and then thru the wetland to the shoreline itself. Black flies almost carried us off when we hit the shore :o , I should have taken a picture, there must have been a thousand or more on my son's back, torture!! Headed back to the wetland between the trail and the shore and they didn't follow us. Saw some of the largest Birch trees I've ever seen, couldn't estimate just how old these trees were, most likely there when Columbus landed though.
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