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De Marua Estuary - Rocky Point, SO
mini location map2016-06-11
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De Marua Estuary - Rocky Point, SO 
De Marua Estuary - Rocky Point, SO
Kayak avatar Jun 11 2016
Kayak5.62 Miles
Kayak5.62 Miles
1st trip
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Decided my kayak needed an introduction to salt water. I had hoped to kayak along the shore for a few miles, but it seemed the surf was a bit more than I had expected. My kayak isn't exactly made for the ocean!

Attempt 1: (no gps track) I got up in the morning during low tide and headed out for a test run. After some significant effort, I was able to get out past the 2-3 foot breakers and took a few minutes to pump all the water out of my boat. Paddling was a real challenge, and the waves kept splashing more water into the boat. Sure would have been nice to have a skirt! :sweat:

I decided to retreat to shore, and this proved to be much more challenging. I wasn't able to track straight as the waves kept turning me 90-degrees sideways. Just the third wave on my attempted return tossed me into the sea, and swamped my kayak. The breaking waves meant that the ground was near, and I was able to stand. But it was a real chore to get the water-filled kayak back to the beach while fighting the breaking waves and undertow.

Back on shore, I decided that future kayaking would be limited to the calmer waters of the estuary.

Attempt 2: The reef. After talking to a local resident who assured me I wouldn't be violating any Mexican laws, I drove my truck across the beach :y: over to the estuary. I put my boat on the water, and this time it was a much more pleasant experience. There were still small wind waves and water splashing into the boat, but I was never fearful for flipping again and was able to paddle out to view the shallow reefs at the mouth of the estuary. It was low tide and they were fully exposed. Apparently they are covered during high tide. I beached on the reef and went to visit hundreds of pelicans perched on the rocks, but they all flew away as I approached. The rock out here is jagged and sharp, and I wished I had footwear with me. I got back in the boat and paddled back to the beach.

Attempt 3: The estuary. After researching the tides, I planned for a Sunday morning paddle into the estuary. I set off just a few minutes before the peak of high tide and headed into the estuary. It is very shallow, and during low tide only narrow channels hold water. During high tide, it is a large bay. I wanted to have the option of exploring with the deeper water of high tide, but also wanted to make sure I would be paddling back with the tide going out so I wouldn't have to fight a tidal current.

It got too shallow sooner than I expected, but I was able to follow the deeper channels and explore. On the way back, I was hoping the receding tide would provide some help, but the headwinds far outweighed any assistance the current offered. When I got back out toward the mouth of the estuary, Belinda and Kevin were heading toward the reef in their pack rafts. I paddled over for a brief ocean visit before retreating back to the beach, warm sun, and a cold beer.

I might have to do this again sometime! :)
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