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Chubb Mountain and 5515 Loop, AZ
mini location map2016-06-17
41 by photographer avatarJasonCleghorn
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Chubb Mountain and 5515 Loop, AZ 
Chubb Mountain and 5515 Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 17 2016
Hiking3.12 Miles 1,176 AEG
Hiking3.12 Miles
1,176 ft AEG
1st trip
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A lot of firsts for me lately, first time to Punkin Center and Tonto Basin and in the same day! :y:

@CannondaleKid and I jeeped it out to Chubb Mountain and Peak 5515. What a beautiful area. Reminded me more of Wyoming or Montana in places than Arizona. We basically just assaulted Chubb Mtn. directly as there was no trail and it was better to just go straight up the mountain. It was in that range of being steep but not OVERLY steep. After a half mile of Phoenix to elevation huffing and puffing I was fine. The summit is nothing special but there is a register, which we signed.

While down climbing Chubb, I happened to spot a seemingly new wildfire over in the Asbestos Point area (appropriate). We called it in to USFS and went on about our way. Peak 5515 was a much easier climb than Chubb.

On the way out we took a peek at Red Blanket Mtn. (BEAUTIFUL peak, btw.) but given the heat and the hour of the day we just booked it on out.

Mark took me back on the Apache Trail. O M G is that beautiful. I only got scared, once. :scared:

A good couple of 5K + Peaks in the bag...
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