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mini location map2016-06-03
21 by photographer avatarJasonCleghorn
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Woodchute Trail #102Prescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 03 2016
Hiking8.95 Miles 1,368 AEG
Hiking8.95 Miles   3 Hrs   11 Mns   3.20 mph
1,368 ft AEG      23 Mns Break
1st trip
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In order to beat the heat I went north to the Prescott National Forest. Even at 6:30 AM at 7500 ft. it was already 82 degrees. I parked at Potato Patch and up the hill I started. I was already stoked because I saw about 10 pronghorns on 89A just before the climb into Prescott NF.

The only bad thing about this trail is that because of the historical nature of what Woodchute was used for, there is very little shade compared to other areas of Prescott NF. The entire mountain was pretty much denuded of any timber to run the Jerome mines.

The hike itself is pretty good. Its interesting that your only scenery or views are about in the first 1/3 to 1/2 of the hike. I left the trail to hit the Woodchute Summit and you couldn't see more than 5 feet, LOL. Back down I went but I did do some off trail down to check out all the tanks in the area. They're all dry except for Powerline Tank near the 2nd TH.

At about 10:00 when I finished at 7500 ft. it was already 91. Whew.

Finished off the trip with a Rock Springs Cafe lunch.

All in all a great morning hike. A Wilderness area highpoint and another mountain over 7K.
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water 1 out of 5water 2 out of 5water 3 out of 5water 4 out of 5 Powerline Tank 76-100% full 76-100% full
water report recorded in the field on our app Route Scout

dry Woodchute Tank Dry Dry
water report recorded in the field on our app Route Scout

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