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Trailer Canyon to Hub Junction, CA
mini location map2016-07-03
13 by photographer avatarastrobrewer
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Trailer Canyon to Hub Junction, CA 
Trailer Canyon to Hub Junction, CA
Hiking avatar Jul 03 2016
Hiking9.18 Miles 1,601 AEG
Hiking9.18 Miles   3 Hrs   19 Mns   3.11 mph
1,601 ft AEG      22 Mns Break
1st trip
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Trying out different trail heads in the Santa Monica Mountains. This time the Trailer Canyon trail head in the Palisades Highlands at the bottom of the Trailer Canyon Fire Road. The fire road is a big, wide, dirt road. Not very trail-y, but it was good footing with no steps up or down which my recently injured knee appreciated. The first part of the hike was a two mile climb out of the Highlands up to the Temescal Ridge Fire Road. There were a couple of steeper areas, but the fire road was smooth and even and had good footing the entire way. This made it easy to keep up a decent pace. It was almost noon when I started and it felt hot when there was no breeze even though the air temperature was in only the 70s. After reaching the Temescal Ridge Fire Road there was a steady breeze which felt really good.

Along much of the Trailer Canyon Fire Road you can see Eagle Rock which is just West of the Hub Junction. You also get a glimpse of the ocean looking to the South. Upon reaching the ridge line you get great views to the East of Santa Monica to Downtown LA. Unfortunately it was hazy so the views don't look like much in the pictures. Going North on the Temescal Ridge Fire Road you get to a junction with the Backbone Trail that runs East-West through the entire length of the Santa Monica Mountain range. The Hub Junction is a little further North from there. It has a nice shady bench and an interpretive sign with interesting information about the area. At the Hub there are two different trails that head to Eagle Rock. I didn't take either of them this time. There is also a big open plateau big enough to turn around a fire engine or land a helicopter. From the Hub you can see the West end of the San Fernando Valley and Calabasas, and above the haze the tops of San Gabriel Mountains in the distance.

I realized after I got back that I missed the opportunity to bag Temescal Peak, the highest point in Santa Monica Mountains. The interpretive sign at the Hub had a picture with a call out for Temescal Peak indicating a pair of hills well off trail. But it turns out that the peak is right next to the fire road and has easy access. Apparently it was less than 0.2 miles off the trail with 70' elevation gain. That will teach me to trust interpretive signs. Next time I'll do my homework before the hike. :doh: Oh well, I guess I'll have to do this one again soon. I don't mind that at all. I can't explain why, but I really enjoyed this hike. Next time I think I'll try the Palisades Highlands Access Trail and see how that goes.
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