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Temescal Ridge-Canyon Loop, CA
mini location map2016-04-08
4 by photographer avatarastrobrewer
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Temescal Ridge-Canyon Loop, CA 
Temescal Ridge-Canyon Loop, CA
Hiking avatar Apr 08 2016
Hiking4.28 Miles 1,138 AEG
Hiking4.28 Miles   2 Hrs   17 Mns   2.21 mph
1,138 ft AEG      21 Mns Break
1st trip
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After a drizzly morning it looked like the rain was going to stop so I decided to hike up Temescal Ridge and return via Temescal Canyon to check out the waterfall to see if it was flowing. There were no views of anything because the whole area was covered in fog. But the temperature was cool and very good for hiking.

This was my first hike using my new trekking poles and I was glad that I had them because the steep sections of the trail were very slippery. I saw many boot-print slide marks on the steep sections. I would have had to slow way down on the steep parts and probably would have ended up on my ass in the mud anyway. So poles are good. I need more practice using them, but this was a good check out hike.

On my way down the Temescal Canyon trail I stopped at the bridge. There was barely a trickle at the waterfall, but there was water in the pond at the base of the fall. Something caught my eye in the water and I climbed down from the bridge for a closer look. I was glad I had poles because I had to get up a very steep and slipper rock under the bridge to get to the pond and wouldn't have made it without the poles. There were many many salamanders in the pond. They were brown and blended in with the color of the bottom so they weren't obvious at first, but as I looked closely I saw dozens of them everywhere. There were also little orange goldfish in the deeper section of the pond.
California Newt
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