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Picacho Loop, AZ
mini location map2016-04-17
5 by photographer avatarastrobrewer
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Picacho Loop, AZ 
Picacho Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 17 2016
Hiking7.57 Miles 2,861 AEG
Hiking7.57 Miles   4 Hrs   36 Mns   1.99 mph
2,861 ft AEG      48 Mns Break
1st trip
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My first time up Picacho Peak. I expected a challenge, and it was. I had read the trail description so I knew that the Hunter Trail would drop on the back side of the saddle. But I was still surprised at how steeply it dropped and how far. I was glad for the wire rope cables to hold on to, but after a while my hands were pretty tender. Next time definitely bring gloves!

The views from the trail and at the top were awesome! Well worth the very exhausting climb. On the way down I took the Sunset Vista Trail. From the trail junction the Sunset Vista trail starts out quite steep with a couple more cable climbs, and eventually descends into a very pretty saguaro forest around the base of the peak. From the Sunset Vista trail head it's a walk along the road. There is a walking path next to the road.

It was interesting seeing Picacho from nearly all sides. All in all a great hike that I would do again.
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Picacho Peak
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