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Black Mesa Loop - Superstition Mtns
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mini location map2002-09-21
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Black Mesa Loop - Superstition MtnsPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking15.00 Miles 1,125 AEG
Hiking15.00 Miles   7 Hrs   13 Mns   2.08 mph
1,125 ft AEG
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1st trip
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This trip was basically two hikes in one: First Water to within a mile of Canyon Lake, then back to the Second Water/Boulder Canyon Junction to complete Boulder Canyon/Black Mesa loop. Total mileage was approximately 15.

I left the First Water Trailhead shortly before twilight, with the full moon at my back, illuminating the way. The air actually had a briskness to it that was very refreshing. I made my way down the Second Water Trail to a point where it starts to parallel the Second Water Drainage. I dropped off the trail into the drainage and followed it to where the Second Water and Boulder Canyon trails and drainages intersect. There were still several pools of water from the monsoons.

I left the drainage and got back on the Boulder Canyon Trail heading for Canyon Lake. I passed some very interesting points along the way including a lush green oasis and an old mine. Great views of Geronimo Head and Battleship Mountain. The assent to the ridge over looking Canyon Lake offers up great views in all directions. After enjoying the view of the Lake and surrounding area I headed back to the Second Water/ Boulder Canyon intersection to begin my loop hike.

The trail going up Boulder Canyon, criss-crosses the drainage numerous times. It makes for good rock hopping. It took about half an hour to do the 1.4 miles to the Calvary Trail intersection and an additional 40 minutes to do the 1.8 miles from Calvary trail to Black Top Mesa. Good views of Weavers Needle.

I then made my way over to the Black Mesa Trail fro the last leg of the journey. The assent up Black Mesa offers great views of Weavers Needle. The only problem with going this direction is that you have to always turn around to check out the view of Weavers Needle. You soon find yourself in the Cholla Forest, which is quite a site in itself.

It was a great hike. I took 4.5 liters of water and drank every drop. I only saw two other people the entire trip and that was on Boulder Canyon Trail while heading for Canyon Lake. I didn't see a soul on the loop part of the hike. When I got back to the trailhead there was only one other vehicle in the lot.

I hope you enjoy the photo's.

Arizonaheat :sweat:
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