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Cochise Stronghold Campground
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Cochise Stronghold CampgroundTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
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Cochise Stronghold Campground
Driving in on Ironwood presents the full panorama of the Dragoons. I stopped at the Interpretative sign then continued on. There was one little fork in the road. The main road went left, I went right (I'm just a Road less Travelled kind of guy :y: ). I ended up in the “dispersed camping” area outside of the Cochise Stronghold Campground. There were numerous RVs and trailers. Camping here is free but you don’t have picnic tables – so bring your own. I had a nice talk with some women from Colorado who were staying for two weeks. There must be 2 dozen places to camp.

I got back on the main road and followed it into the campground. As you enter the campground you have to stop and go to an interpretative sign with an envelope box and a payment box. If you have a National Park Service Pass, Golden Eagle Pass, Coronado Forest Service Pass, etc, enter your Pass # and it is $5 per night. If you don’t have a pass it is $10 per night. There was no one in the Campground. Each campground has access to the Outhouse near the trail, a picnic bench, fire pit and a sorry excuse for a BBQ.

I chose Campsite 7. Mostly because it was in the sun and the snow was melting. (Did I mention that it was cold just after Christmas). And it is close to the trail. These campsites are close together. Later in the day a family of Norwegians chose #8. Eynar and his sons Odin, Paul, and Ian (named after Ian Paice of Deep Purple :o), (I was afraid to ask who Odin was named after) They had a Norwegian Sami Indigenous TeePee tent - way cool. They were expert fire builders. I am fearless but they scared me with how they were splitting kindling with a hatchet in the dark. But they each had 10 fingers as best I could tell so I couldn't say anything. They stayed up talking around the fire. Didn’t bother me since I don’t speak Norwegian.

A Santa Claus looking pilgrim pulled up in a Pickup/trailer combination and camped near the group site. His generator bothered the Norwegians but not me. I could hear the stream under the bridge tonight from my campsite.

I would camp here again if there were only a couple of groups. Otherwise I might consider bringing a table and camping out in the dispersed camping. :M2C:
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SNOW For Christmas. The Alligator Junipers were nicely green.

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Lots of snow melt. Looked like it might be fun for skinny deeping WAIT WHAT I ain't no Polar Bear.
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