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mini location map2017-01-07
4 by photographer avatarD_Slinky
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Newman Peak TrailTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 07 2017
Hiking4.85 Miles 2,602 AEG
Hiking4.85 Miles   4 Hrs   58 Mns   1.07 mph
2,602 ft AEG      26 Mns Break12 LBS Pack
1st trip
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I was coming in from the North side so I decided to take E Houser Rd to S Brady Pump Rd and continue down to the parking area. The dirt road was a little rough but I made it through in my stock height F150 without issue. High clearance is definitely required but you could probably make it through in 2WD. I put my truck in 4H for good measure. The road does get pretty rocky in a few areas.

I parked and crossed the canal. When I was about 0.5 miles on the trail I came across a guy in camo and carrying a bow. He asked if I had seen another hunter closer to the canal which I had not. He was the only person I saw until I got back out to Houser Rd. The recent trail maintenance and cairns made route finding easy and I kept making my way towards the peak. The chute was steep as expected but once you get out of it the tread picks up and you can follow the switchbacks to the top. The views up top are amazing. Heading back down was a little slow, but otherwise uneventful. The weather was perfect and between the mountains and clouds I was in the shade for most of the day.

When I was headed back out on Brady Pump Rd I could see a bunch of cars parked along Houser Rd. As I got closer I could see people standing around the cars and blocking the West bound lane. There was also a bunch of cloth in the road. I was really confused until I got right up to them and figured out that the cloth was parachutes. I didn’t think anything else of it until a little later when I saw a truck on Houser heading East with a pole sticking up in the bed and a line coming off of it. They were parasailing using the truck :)
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