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Foothills West, AZ
mini location map2017-03-05
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Foothills West, AZ 
Foothills West, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 05 2017
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The price of progress is already impacting South Mountain with this new development finally moving quite fast.

Appears it did not go as fast as discussed in this 2014 story. ... 963f4.html

The area was so beautiful & is only 1/2 mile off Bursera & western most junction with the Gila.

The above story and locals confirm some homes will be only 150 feet from the freeway--that's way too close.

The Gila tribe is already upset as some of their sacred/special sites have already been disturbed--ran into a tribal photographer today who was heading that way to document things.

Builder has already carved a hole in the mountain for their road which like many in the area could be gated as otherwise the area would provide easy access to the many trails in the area. Portions of the Gila appear on google maps to travel directly through the development???

Appears everyone was out early enjoying the wonderful clouds and nice temps as parking lots in the area were overflowing. Went up Pyramid to National from Chandler Blvd and did the loop returning on Bursera--saw very few people once I reached the top of Pyramid except for the crowded first couple of miles on Pyramid. The afternoon mostly cloudy 75F heat must of scared off people from the usually busy Bursera--it certainly was very busy earlier on Sunday.
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