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Little Firehole River & Mystic Falls, WY
mini location map2017-07-24
15 by photographer avatarJohn9L
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Little Firehole River & Mystic Falls, WY 
Little Firehole River & Mystic Falls, WY
Backpack avatar Jul 24 2017
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After spending four days in the Tetons we headed over to Yellowstone. Our plan was to do a bunch of touristy hikes and we needed a place to stay. The hotels in the area are in high demand and are ridiculously expensive. We decided to go the very cheap route and backpack. I looked over a map and liked the proximity of the Firehole Falls zone OD3. It was roughly five miles back with easy access. I applied for the permit months ahead of time and we were good to go. We picked up our permit on the morning of the hike and then hit the touristy hikes like Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Spring. We then had some lunch and headed over to our trailhead in Biscuit Basin.

We arrived at our trailhead and had to gear up for the backpack. The three of us spread out as we geared up. I was going through my stuff and couldn’t find my tent poles. I looked and looked and asked the others to look as well. They were nowhere to be found! I figure I must have left them in the KOA Cabin we stayed at the night before. More to come on this later. The weather forecast called for afternoon rain with a slight chance overnight. I said screw it and went in without my tent poles. I thought I was going to regret it but it wasn’t an issue.

The hike in went well. Biscuit Basin is a great area with lots of thermal activity. There were a bunch of tourists walking around but they thinned after we started a short climb about a mile in. We continued on through the forest that was partially burned years ago. Dark clouds formed and the rain started to fall. We put our rain gear on and kept going arriving at our campsite about an hour later. At this point the rain stopped and we set up camp. Our campsite included a fire ring with seating and a 20ft pole for hanging food. I had to improvise to erect my tent without the poles. I think I did pretty good. See pics. Evening set in and we enjoyed a campfire on a clear night. It was a real treat having a fire in a major national park like Yellowstone. I turned in later that evening and was hoping for no rain or wind that night. To my delight it was a very calm night.

We woke the next day and tore down camp and packed up and headed out. The return hike was fairly easy and we detoured over to Mystic Falls which was really cool. Once again there were a lot of tourists the final mile. We got back to the rental car and then continued our tour of the park. We headed for Yellowstone Falls and then were returning to Jackson for one final night in a hotel. On the ride back to Jackson I called they KOA and they found my tent poles! We drove straight there and picked them up. I was so happy to have them back! I never want to camp again without them!
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Mystic Falls Sapphire Pool
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