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Tanner - Escalante - New Hance, AZ
mini location map2016-10-29
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Tanner - Escalante - New Hance, AZ 
Tanner - Escalante - New Hance, AZ
Backpack avatar Oct 29 2016
Backpack26.62 Miles 8,090 AEG
Backpack26.62 Miles3 Days         
8,090 ft AEG
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This all started with Rachel contacting me earlier this year asking about a 3-4 day Grand Canyon adventure. My first suggestion was Escalante Route and all the details unfolded from there. Time flies and next thing you know the six of us are driving up Saturday morning arriving at the east entrance around 10am. To our delight we spotted Karl & Kathy. They had to change their original plan so they joined us for the start of our hike.

Chumley and I set the shuttle while the combined group of six started the hike down Tanner. We started down around 11am and gradually descended. Tanner is steep off the start and the relatively heavy backpack doesn't help. We continued down and caught up to Karl & Kathy near the base of Escalante Butte. They decided to continue down to Cardenas where the approach was easier. The four of us continued from there. They eventually broke off for Cardenas while Chumley and I continued down to the spectacular view at the top of the Redwall. The Canyon never gets old!

Next up was the Redwall and we started down spotting the others near the bottom. The descent through the Redwall is steep and loose but not too bad. It took some time and we caught up the others. From there our group of six completed the last few miles to the river. Once down we selected a great campsite to the left. It was mid-afternoon and we all settled in doing camp chores like setting up camp and filtering water.

We woke on day two and took our time tearing down camp. We hit the trail around 8:30am and started the Escalante Route. I kept telling everyone it's an easy 12 miles with a few obstacles. I way undersold it! The route is a beast and really wears you down. We took several breaks along the way and lunch at Escalante Creek. From there we climbed the Papago Wall and then down the Papago Slide. I don't remember the slide being so steep! The last mile to Red Canyon was a slog.

All of us were beat as we walked into camp. I was delighted to see we scored the prime campsite under the Mesquite Tree. It was more camp chores as we settled in for evening. It will be another beautiful night. We would have wonderful weather for the entire trip. Everyone was achy and turned in early knowing the hike out is going to be a huge elevation day!

Our final day started with a quick morning. Everyone was up fairly early and began prepping for the hike out New Hance. This was another one I said wasn't a big deal. I guessed we'd fly out and I was wrong. The first two miles are fairly mild in a creek bottom. From there it's just about all up as we headed for the top of the Redwall. The Supai traverse was slow as you needed caution while you work your way across. Once we hit the gully it's more climbing over the final two miles. I would guess our pace at less than a mile an hour through here. It was a tough climb and I was glad to finally top off at the New Hance sign. From there the six of us packed up and headed for NiMarcos in Flagstaff!

This was a fun trip but really took some effort. I forget how difficult the Grand Canyon can be. Anyways thanks everyone for coming out for this one. This was the first time I met Jared and he was a lot of fun & solid hiker. It was great hiking with Rachel too. Let's plan something for 2017!
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