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Lariat Cave, ID
mini location map2017-07-26
12 by photographer avatarWoodsnative
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Lariat Cave, ID 
Lariat Cave, ID
Hiking avatar Jul 26 2017
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Hiking1.00 Miles
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Most of this cave is very similar to the Lava Tubes Cave in northern Arizona. This one forms a loop, and overall is shorter in distance. The floor is less rocky and makes for smoother walking. There are a few cracks near the edges of the tunnel and rock jumbles, which allowed us to play a quick game of hide and seek (in two groups). In the two rounds of hide and seek, the adults beat the teens both times. We found them, but they couldn't find us. The reptilian guardian of the gate we found near the entrance made our trip more interesting.

Note: This cave is small enough that it is probably not worth the drive for most people.You can walk the full loop in 15 minutes.

Evangelical Lutheran Church
At a country crossroads on the way to Lariat Cave was a fenced churchyard. Apparently it had previously held a church building. All that is left are the foundation, a nice stone marker for the church, and several graves marked in German with Bible verses and dates in German.
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