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Portneuf WMA (Wildlife Management Area), ID
mini location map2018-04-28
4 by photographer avatarWoodsnative
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Portneuf WMA (Wildlife Management Area), ID 
Portneuf WMA (Wildlife Management Area), ID
Hiking avatar Apr 28 2018
Hiking5.25 Miles 1,225 AEG
Hiking5.25 Miles
1,225 ft AEG
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Background: the WMA system provides winter habitat for big game, and year-round habitat for birds, etc.

This is a hike through the upper benches of sage, where the roads are closed in winter but allow summer access. At the eastern edge of the WMA, the national forest starts, where you can find a trail that allows quads and motorcycles. It was the Boundary Trail #072, and it encircles most of the Portneuf Range for a 37 mile loop.

The streams were flowing strong from spring runoff. Saw a grouse and a pheasant, and heard a couple more. I was looking out for turkey, but didn't see any. Lots of big birds of prey flying this area. On my off-trail portion of the hike, I found a nice spring (Crane Creek, I think) that came out of the hillside. It was a nice day to be hitting the hills.
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Named place
Scout Mountain
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